What Do Demographics Tell Us About Social Media?

Is social media starting to imitate real life? Recently, the BBC reported that 90% of US traffic on Pinterest are white, and that Tumblr had a higher than average percentage of Asian American users.

On the other hand, the Hispanic and African American population combined claim 30% of Twitter's user base — which makes sense considering that the actual population of the United States has somewhat similar statistics.

β€œThe Internet mirrors and magnifies everyday life. All of the divisions that exist in every day life, including those by race and class, actually re-emerge online,” Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd said.

So the question emerges — is social media replicating real life populations in the United States? Or are certain races clinging to certain types of social media?

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    • Cheryl

      Ditto for me too, Cynthia, although I’m not on Tumblr at all (unless my kids count). And I’m addicted to Pinterest!

  1. Candy Carver

    I had no idea that social media had tendencies like that. I use tweeter way more than any of the other options because I like quick and easy!

  2. Ally

    I guess I’m different from the demographics! I use my tumblr far more often than my Pintrest. To answer your question, I would say both. Maybe Asian American bloggers were introduced to Tumblr before Pintrest and have remained loyal – who knows.

  3. Crystin

    I have definitely noticed more black people on twitter than pinterest and tumblr. I don’t know what it is, but there’s seems to be a gravitation towards twitter.

  4. Monica

    This is really interesting, and creepily accurate. There’re exceptions obviously (I’m black and I’m in tumblr ALL the time, but I just got a twitter a few months ago and I forget about it) but this actually matches my friends and I. πŸ™‚ bizzare

  5. lola999

    Social media doesn’t imitate life unless a race card comes up with every app you use. In fact, that is the beauty of social media: you use what you love regardless of race, gender, social class and background.

    And honestly, don’t need an analysis of who uses what. i don’t care and we shouldn’t care.

    Some things I don’t want to know.

  6. @OnlyMyMusings

    This insight is very interesting. As a 2nd generation Canadian of Jamaican heritage, the idea of a social media elite sprung into my mind. As a blogger, author and entrepreneur, I look forward to seeing how this trend evolves.

  7. Amber

    Interesting because I notice A TON of black people on Tumblr. I guess it depends on who you are following πŸ™‚