Rest In Peace: 6 Blogs We Miss

Sometimes great blogs fall by the wayside. Maybe a blogger started other side projects, or found a new passion, or perhaps just realized blogging wasn't fulfilling anymore. Whatever the reason may be, here at IFB, we will never forget you. Check out these six blogs that we miss:

The Sartorially Inclined. The last we heard?

January 19, 2012: “Right, right, so nothing has really happened on here in what most people on and off the Internet would consider ‘a long ass time'. I've got no excuses other than I have been equal parts busy and lazy. How's that for some truth? I try to keep things honest over here at the very least. If you haven't already figured it out, my daily blogging has migrated over to Tumblr for the most part. The insights aren't long form by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're one of the three or so people not my mother crying over the death of LAS at least you can soak those tears up with some cashmere socks or whatever.”

Style Bytes. Last we heard? Apparently some one named Nadia has taken over the postings, but those ended in December of 2012.

Daddy Likey. Last we heard? She's writing for The Frisky, but here's what she had to say when she left.

August 27, 2010: “As you've probably noticed, I haven't had much time to post recently. I really hate not being able to update regularly because I feel bad leaving my readers hanging and I miss writing and my mom calls me every day and says, ‘Didn't you used to have a blog or something? Didn't it used to brighten my days? BECAUSE NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR.' She's so subtle.

Anyway, I'm currently working on some new projects which are really exciting but also really time-consuming, so for the next few weeks posting will continue to be sporadic. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not dead or trapped under something heavy, and to thank you for your patience!”

Slacker Chic. Last we heard?

January 30, 2012: “Sorry for the lack of update. I did start a new foodie blog however called Two Diner Dames with a friend. We will be reviewing local restaurants in our area. Please come over and give it a visit by clicking HERE!

Annie Spandex. Last we heard? Her last post was in September of 2011, but it doesn't hint at where she wandered off to. Oh Annie, where art thou?

I am Fashion. Last we heard?

February 1, 2009: “We just graduated last summer and since then, we’ve been struggling to carry our blog into the ‘real world’ with us. When you’re a student, you’re surrounded by inspirations and you have all the time in the world to take it in and read up on the latest styles and celebrity trends. In the real world, you get so caught up with life that you barely have time to stop and admire your surroundings and be inspired and excited by it. Now don’t get us wrong, we still love to drool over gorgeous dresses and new bags and debate over the merits of the latest trends- just not as often anymore. Blogging started to become a chore instead of something we loved doing. That was when we knew that it was time to move on, even though it took us a few months of thinking and debating with ourselves and each other to realize it, and another few months overcoming self denial to act on it. It’s not easy to give up something we’ve been doing for the last four years, knowing that once we stop, there is no going back.”

Hey commentors, what are some other blogs YOU miss? We want to know!

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20 Responses

  1. Eve Maria

    Hm, how about What would a nerd wear and Academichic? Both great and provided valuable inspiration for hard-to-find workwear blogs.

    • Sarah

      Were those both girls in grad school? I think I discovered both of those after they had already ended and I was sad 🙁

      I liked them because I was out in the “real world” for 4 years and had a closet full of business casual, and then I decided to go to law school and I wondered what I should be putting in storage and what I could still get away with!

      Sarah’s Real Life

    • Rita - FashionPas

      I was just going to say that! Academichic was the best, really and was such a shame they stopped…I miss them but keep following S over her simplybike blog 🙂 it helps…

  2. Terri

    I miss Christina at Second Skin Style, but I know why she stopped and I entirely respect her reasons for it.

    Style Underdog left a gaping hole in the StyleNation too.

  3. Cameron

    When the time has come for my blog to pass from this mortal coil, I will be sure to give my readers definite closure… followed by the blog being deleted when I stop paying for hosting/domain name rights.

    As for blogs I miss, there was a blogger I profiled two years ago whose blog was called “ViolaComesInColours.”

    A month later, after two years of blogging, the owner bowed out; her blog was later deleted.

    These days, the owner works as a style consultant in her native Italy, so we have that.

  4. Donna

    I haven’t been following any long enough to have them stop and myself miss them terribly. That would suck, though, if you’d been reading one for years and it just disappeared. I know life changes and all of that, but I think I’d have to write a goodbye if I knew that I had regular readers.

  5. anne the SpyGirl

    I miss RISDStreetwalkers:

    The snark was laid on thick.

    Parting lines 6/6/11:
    “Over the three year lifespan of RISDStreetwalkers, 6 batches of students; class of ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13 and ’14 have proudly stood and sat in front of my camera. You have served as the pioneers of many brave and courageous fashion statements. Although my camera and I are leaving the school, I trust that RISD will continue to push the outfit envelope for as long as the grass on the RISD beach is green and the sky over your fake I.D is blue.”

  6. Heather

    So many best blogs have come and gone, but there are so many more to find and enjoy. Then again it can be frustrating and it does, in a way, Let us all down. If you have no readers who cares, but when people love what you do and you just leave? I guess some people just get bored, and I understand, but it does leave a gap. Plus, I work so hard on my blog, put so much effort into it, and yet I don’t enjoy half the popularity some of these blogs enjoyed. And then they throw it all away like it was nothing…

    I miss beautifully invisible among others.

  7. Lyn

    I feel kinda sad when bloggers i followed (for a few years) decide to move on to other things and just stop blogging. They had great content, and when they stopped, i won’t be able to see anymore of those great stuff anymore! I feel a loss of some sort…

  8. Grey Fox

    But for every blog that is dormant there are many working away to get attention.

    I’ve been writing away for 6 months and, although it is a chore to keep it going with a slowly increasing readership, I feel committed as I seem to be exploring an area where there are few bloggers.

    Grey Fox – describing a man’s search for style in middle age.

  9. Lauren

    Thelilbee! I loved her and miss her blog. It was amazing. Equal parts fashion, lifestyle, and family

  10. Toni Styles

    It’s always a bummer when you’ve been following someone for years and then – nothing.

    But do we really ever have to say good-bye?

    Or would it be better if we just made adjustments that fit our present life and carry on?

    Like maybe the rate at which we post, the subject matter, design, etc. I really think if a blogger is at the point where they’ve worked for years and have more than a couple loyal and committed readers – these readers would stick around even if they made considerable changes and quite possibly be excited to take the journey with them.

    I would understand however, it is simply impossible to continue. My advice is to really consider all the options.

    • Heather

      I totally agree. I would still follow my favorites even if they changed.

  11. Bella Q

    Leproust Vintage was a killer blog run by a wonderful and gorgeous soul- last name was Jones, first name Kirsten? Anyhoo she had great style, was easy going and tore out my heart when she wrote a farewell post – but I get why she did it. She left to spend more time in RL and didn’t want to half ass her blog. Quality peeps and she’s deeply missed. Also a beauty named Jemina: one of my first blogger pals- from Singapore, wore real designer duds ( 4 Hermes bags and counting) and sweet as pie. She stopped blogging over a year 1/2 ago and I still miss her face.

  12. zoobia

    Fops and Dandies! But of course, a blog is not necessarily a lifetime commitment. We all move on eventually, bloggers and readers. Sometimes we start new blogs, sometimes we don’t. Its always fun while it lasts though.

  13. Rita - FashionPas

    Academichic is the one I miss the most. It is still the first on my bookmarks and blogroll because it is still an inspiration. I am glad they didn’t shut it down at least. Those girls were just being themselves, not faking it, getting into debt to buy whatever is the latest “it” bag, or trying to be at the forefront of fashion. They were just exploring their style in very normal circumstances. And I can relate to that…

  14. Ana

    I miss Planet Fabulon and Chateau Thombeau, previous blogs by Thom of form is void and The Redundant Variety Hour.

    That’s where I first saw Anastasia Radevich’s heels and Paco Peregrin’s photography.

    True gems of the internet.

  15. Sophia

    Isn’t it strange how we can build a connection to someone we don’t even know through reading a blog, then when they stop we miss them. And there’s no real way of checking up on them because we never really knew them?

    I stopped blogging at the beginning of this year and even though my reader base was very small, people still thought to email and check I was ok. Now I have started a new blog, my old readers have been so welcoming! I love people!