Creating a Pinnable Pin: 5 Tips for Pinning Success

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Doesn't it seem like Pinterest users have all the luck with their pins? 100 + repins later, they are gaining more followers and you are left in the dust. It's not that these users have secret Pinterest mojo. No, they just know how to work the platform to its full potential and create a great, pinnable pin.

What exactly makes for a great pin? A pin that becomes so popular that it not only drives traffic but back to your blog but also becomes one of the most popular pins on the platform. Which, in turn, gets you more followers. Sounds like a good situation to find yourself in, right? And to think that it all comes from one, eye-popping pin.

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How can you reap these rewards and create a pin that causes a virtual pinning storm? These five tips will help guide you through the pin-process:

1. Be generous with color: It's not really surprising that color is one of the main reasons why some pins go viral and others don't. But what is surprising is how little color is used in pins. Seriously guys, make the most of your pins with color! Against the neutral Pinterest dashboard, a photograph with a bright colorful subject will captures a user's eye and attention. For instance, this pin received over 110 pins and was a favorite among the community. Why? Because that coral skirt was the epitome of summertime chic and stood out among the other pins in the board.

2. Capture a moment of action: An engaging pin is one that is full of life, not one that is standing still. As user is more likely to like or repin an image if it gives the user the illusion that he/she is there, in that frame, living and breathing with the subject. Capture a moveable moment, a segment of time where the subject is moving/dancing/walking/laughing etc, and you will have pin-success.

3. Pay attention to detail. Closeup shots, especially with beauty and accessories, are a user favorite in Pinterest. This pin and this pin give the user a detailed look at the subject, as if she was right in front of you. I highly recommend doing this for a beauty pin or up-close jewelery pin.

4. Go with a full body shot: Users want to see everything. Literally, from head to toe, show it all because a user wants to see that entire look, not just a short crop. This pin was highly successful and was repinned throughout the day because it showed off the bloggers entire body. Hair, shoes, everyone loved it and the full-body fashion look.

5. Pin according to the season: This tip is pretty easy but it is worth repeating. Seasonal pins always work. Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween. Schedule your pins accordingly and you will succeed. For instance, this pin was all about Fourth of July style (did the red, white and blue give it away?) and it received 108 repins. No one wants to think about winter in summer so avoid pinning those coats or boots during the dog days of summer. Same thing goes for Valentine's Day gear during Christmas. It just doesn't make sense.


With these five tips, your images will become the most pinable images of the day. Or week. Or year. You know, think big, guys!

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15 Responses

  1. kate à la mode

    Good tips! And it’s also important to pin from the original page. E.g. if you’re pinning something from your blog, pin on the blog post’s permalink, not the homepage or archive page.

    Sometimes I want to repin something but give up when I can’t find the original page.

  2. zoobia

    Good advice! I’m still a newbie but I’m going to try these tips and hope for some pinning success 😉

  3. Naughty Baubles

    Great tips!! I’m a pin-a-holic and will definitely try some of these tips out. I’ve found my repins and likes to be a bit scatter brained but since really putting some time into keeping my boards organized and not just going pin crazy my progress has been steady. Also I pin images directly from my blog/etsy/tumblr/bigcartel accounts which has brought traffic back to them.

  4. Affordablefashion

    I am in love with pinterest and I have to say those are some great tips. It’s funny that I am a fashion blogger however my most re-pinned pin was one with some cupcakes that looked like vegetables.

    Anyway if you wishs to follow me via pinterest I privide you with non stop inspiration! Haha!

  5. Ally

    Great advice – I’m a bit lost using Pintrest, so I will be def. using these tips!

  6. Sarah

    I’m definitely think I need to work on how pinnable the pins from my blog are. I’ve gotten a couple “likes” but no repins yet. Maybe when I’m editing I just need to think to myself, “how would this look on Pinterest?” However, I think being too obsessed with Pin-ability could be bad – the more important thing is whether your photos look how you want them to look on your blog, not how they’ll look on a third-party website.

    Great advice, though, and great article as always 🙂

    Sarah’s Real Life

  7. Christina of Profresh Style

    I agree with this completely. I also feel like it takes someone of influence to create a moment. My darling girl, Kim of Eat Sleep Wear, pinned a photo of me from my blogging give my signature big ol’ laugh. She pinned it to her almost 900,000 followers on Pinterest and it was repinned 186 times! That’s more than I could ever get and so happy I could help bring some smiles! So thanks Kim, heart you! See the pin here:

  8. Danny

    Some good tips. Do you have any suggestions about jewelry? Our website ( sells handcrafted jewelry. We get very good repin numbers, but nothing in the hundreds.


  9. MooMoo

    How to do number 5 “Pin according to the season”? It is summer in North America it is winter in the southern hemisphere. How to pin the right season? which is the right season?