What I’ve Learned About Blogging From Watching Reruns of Dawson’s Creek

Isn't it just so timely that I happen to be reliving my teenage years through reruns of Dawson's Creek just as we learn of the  divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? I'm somewhere in the quagmire of season four, arguably the best season of all. Joey and Pacey are finally together, the gang goes to a rave and Jack and Jen are the teenage version of Will & Grace.

Now, I understand that you're probably shaking your head at your computer screen right now, wondering how in the world I can subject myself to living through this show all over again. Let me tell you, I sometimes fall asleep half way through the episode, but even so – I'm learning a lot. In today's television market, this show wouldn't cut it. It's as melodramatic as Revenge without enough scandal, and as angsty as Gossip Girl without enough pop-culture one-liners.

Whatever the reason that I continue to subject myself to the drama of the Creek kids night after night, I've picked up a few pearls of wisdom that apply perfectly to fashion blogging. No seriously, I have:

You have to be able to make fun of yourself.

  • By the time season two rolled around for Dawson's Creek, they knew what was happening. Critics and viewers were onto the overly verbose, too adult dialog of these hyper-self aware teenage caricatures.  The writers started interjecting commentary that made it clear the characters were somehow in on the joke. (At one point Joey utters, “All this subtext is making me tired.”) You simply have to be able to see the lighter side of fashion blogging. You can't take it too seriously, really! Please don't mistake this sentiment for me telling you that you shouldn't treat your blog like a business and work hard to make it amazing. It's just very important not to lose yourself in the minutia, or forget why most of us got into blogging in the first place – because it's fun! Fashion is self-expression, and everyone loves a girl (or guy) with a sense of humor.

Just because everyone's obsessed with Joey Potter doesn't mean she's all that great.

  • You guys, she was arguably the worst character on the show. Runner up goes to Dawson Leery of course, but really, Joey was pretty depressing. She whined a lot, she was very anti-fun, a bit of a prude, and was always tucking her hair behind her ear and wearing baggy jeans and sweaters. “Why does life experience have to translate into wild parties and random hook ups?” she once asked. It doesn't Joey, but you don't have to judge those who enjoy making a mistake or two in life. Ugh. Despite all of this, Joey dated every male character on the show – including the one that turned out to be gay! All I'm saying is that in blogging, you don't have to like something just because everyone else does. Be proud of who you are, who and what makes you happy and excited, and shout it from the rooftops (or your URL, as the case may be).

Always be the Pacey Witter of your blog, and your life.

  • Don't even try to fight me on this one: Pacey Witter was the best character on Dawson's Creek. I rooted for him all over again while watching the insufferable Dawson-Joey-Pacey drama of season three, just waiting for him to confess his love to Joey and see them get together in season four. When she finally figures it out, she says what we were all thinking, “Pacey, I think that you’re a daring original; I think you have a talent for flying in the face of conventionality and I think that you were born to break the rules not enforce them. And you know what? I actually admire that in you, I really do.” Yes, Joey – you're right! Pacey was the only character who grew and changed and made bold moves to do something with his life. We should all adopt the Pacey Witter way, especially with our blogs. There's no reason not to break a few rules, try something new and establish ourselves as originals in our industry.


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10 Responses

  1. Toni Styles

    I loved Dawsons Creek – so I was super excited when I saw the article; although I would think Jen would be the one we should try to avoid emulating.

    Jen projects a desperate, insecure image. She is the typical popular girl, who does a lot of stuff that she doesn’t really want to do – but feels trapped. It’s like the fashion blogger who decides to follow the crowd so she can get more comments, shares and traffic – but is probably miserable and wanting to move in a different direction.

    Joey was always the girl who liked art, was hard working (job wise and as a student) and who remained true to herself. I think bloggers can and should take a page out of her book. The guys liked her because she was not ordinary, but special.

    However, great point about Pacey! Overall, I really enjoyed the article!

  2. JillGG

    How timely… just started watching it on Netflix (I never saw it the first time around – eep!)… 🙂

  3. zoobia

    I used to be really obsessed with Dawson’s Creek! Pacey was my favourite and I always hoped Joey would end up with him instead of Dawson. I hateed her dark brown lipstick, which she wore in almost every episode (yuck). Who would have ever thought Michelle Williams would be the breakout star of the show?
    Cool post, thanks for giving me some things to think about 🙂

  4. Sarah

    HA! This is cracking me up. Are you sure you aren’t just looking for an excuse to keep watching Dawson’s Creek? 😉 But really, you don’t need an excuse. I remember making fun of that show when it was on, and yet I still watched it every week. I’ve watched a few episodes since it started streaming on Netflix too. Does it drive anyone else crazy how Katie Holmes talks out of the side of her mouth?

    Sarah’s Real Life (where I talk more like a teenager than the “teenagers” on DC, even though I’m an adult)

  5. Toni

    DC was my show in high school. I loved every single minute of it and I wouldn’t own the entire boxed set if I didn’t love it even today.

    Pacey was definitely the best character on the show, and I agree with your points. Although I do think Jen is someone to model after as well. The first time you watch it, you’re so busy hating her for getting in the middle of Joey and Dawson that you don’t get to see the growth she goes through throughout the 6 seasons. But when you watch it again, already knowing what happens, you can actually watch the characters and get to know them.

    That’s why it’s so important to go through your past blog posts and figure out how you’ve grown as well as how it will guide you to where you want to go.

    Dawson’s Creek was definitely a huge part of my teen life and I thank you for bringing it up here and on Twitter as it put a huge smile on my face. 🙂

  6. Rachelle Porsenna

    this is a great article and the comment you made about Joey is so true she was not all the great but she did manage to date all the guys. Going back to blogging, when I look at the top bloggers right now I’m like I don’t stand a chance these girls are basically perfect and have amazing lives and opportunities (which I’m sure they worked hard for), but I do hope people will be drawn to my blog because I’m not and I don’t have that glamorous life. I’m just a regular girl with a love for fashion.