Big News From The Fancy: Earn Commission From Your Links

Two weeks ago we chatted with the founder of The Fancy, Joseph Einhorn, about what sets his social image sharing site apart from it's cousins like Pinterest and Tumblr.

Today The Fancy announced that users will be able to earn a commission from items they fancy (2%), through a unique referral link. Like other affiliate programs, you can use this URL on your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as on your blog.

Since Einhorn told us that more than 50% of The Fancy's content is fashion-related, this is great news for style bloggers. There's one caveat though, which is actually sort of a big one.

If someone discovers an item through your link and makes a purchase, you get a percentage of that purchase as credit in your Fancy account. You then build up credit and use it towards making purchases within The Fancy.

What do you think about this development in how users can earn commissions from The Fancy? Would this incentive persuade you to use this site, more than others like Pinterest or Tumblr?

[Image Credit: The Fancy. (This is the Dior ‘Diorissimo' bag, which you can click through and purchase through Dior's site.)]

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6 Responses

  1. Juliette Gold

    Hmm.. that’s definitely something to think about. Personally, I rarely make purchases online. I usually use Pinterest as an inspiration board rather than a shopping list. However, that incentive made me reconsider.

    I might actually give it a try. What would you do?

    Also, what do you mostly use Pinterest for? Do you make a lot of purchases online?

    • Juliette Gold

      Another though just came to my mind, how would that look to our readers? I think this incentive would work best for establish bloggers, with a large readership. For new bloggers, it could push readers away. I think it might seem that we blog just to “push” products and make money.

      I’m actually reconsidering it now, since I’m a new blogger and haven’t yet established a spot in the scene.

      What do you think?

  2. Cezara

    Hey, i know it’s not a question for here, but if someone here can help me i would like to ask : i have 7$ credit, how do i use it to buy things?