Capture Your Fashion Moment: How To Shoot Your Style On Your Mobile

This is the first in a series of four posts brought to you by VideofyMe. Capture your passion for fashion with the VideofyMe app and get the chance to join Bon Magazine’s editorial team at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm S/S 2013!

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You already use your phone to take still photographs, probably everyday, right? You know your device well, so why not make the most out of everything it’s camera can do for you?Our mobile phones have become a one-stop-shop for just about anything we could ever want to do online, including making, editing and promoting videos. Without too much leg work, you can add video content to your blog and/or social media channels instantaneously.

Here are IFB’s 7 best tips for shooting stylish video content on your mobile phone:

1. Shooting while holding your phone horizontally is more traditional, and will fill the white space on your blog better than shooting vertically.
2. One advantage to shooting vertically though, is that you can show your whole outfit head-to-toe from a closer range.
3. Whether shooting vertically or horizontally, you can turn the lens on yourself by setting your phone up on a phone-specific tripod and starting and stopping the video with a remote.
3. If you’re shooting on the go without a tripod, hold your hands as steady as possible; usually the thumb and forefinger work best.
4. On a touchscreen, Instead of using your fingers to zoom in, move your camera (and maybe your whole body) closer to the subject you are shooting, and approach and retreat slowly and steadily.
5. When shooting, don’t flip the camera between vertical and horizontal in one video. Keep your perspective consistent.
6. You can use your phone’s built in camera on it’s own, then upload, edit (and combine multiple videos) on your computer
7. To shoot, edit, and upload a video all in one place, use an app. With VideofyMe, for example, you can add filters before filming, to find something that creates a mood or an unusual perspective (like the fisheye lens). You can also link together multiple video clips (to show different angles or different looks in one video) in the app’s studio feature.

Here's an example of a mobile video shot at a BCBG fashion show, shot by Jenni from I Spy DIY:

We’re all about shooting on your phone because let’s be honest – it’s a lot more flattering than the webcam on your computer – and works just as well as a stand-alone camera you might carry around with you. Whether you’re shooting street style on your summer vacation to Paris or showing off your latest outfit in motion – you can do it all with ease from your smartphone.


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7 Responses

  1. Monica

    I love the videofyme app! It’s great and really fun to use with the social aspect going on. One thing I think I’ll probably use it for is tutorials! I tried doing a tutorial with my
    Webcam camera and that didn’t work…I can’t believe it never occurred to me to use my iPhone camera instead 🙂 oops!

  2. TheStyleKaleidoscope

    Every shot for my blog is produced from my phone, check it out if you want to see how good your shots can get without buying a handheld camera, if your budget won’t stretch to one, stick with the phone!

  3. zoobia

    My phone is a great backup for when my camera’s battery dies, or if my purse doesn’t have room for both devices. The photos aren’t always the best quality, they are just fine in a pinch.

  4. Toni Styles

    Great tips! I’ll definitely be embracing videofyme after reading a recent IFB article. Video is so powerful! 🙂

  5. Heather Fancy

    I use my phone for just about everything – YouTube videos, blog photos, product reviews. It has simplified my life like you wouldn’t believe! I’m still fine tuning the quality and I edit in iMovie, but so far so good! xx