How To Make A Gif For Your Blog In Just 5 Easy Steps (Or Less!)

Who doesn't love a good gif? Usually when we think of gifs, a cat walking around with a basket over its head (or totally relating to a #whatshouldwecallme) comes to mind. While those are extremely funny, the captivating and entertaining nature of gifs can also act as attention-grabbing tool on your fashion blog.

While solid photography is key in making any blog look professional, making gifs from your photos can make your work stand out from the rest of the blogging lot — and furthermore, a good gif has a tendency to go viral (i.e. more traffic for your blog!). Learn how to make your very own gif masterpieces on Photoshop with these simple steps: 

Step 1: First, pick out the photos and/or elements you want to use for your gif. Then, create a new document on Photoshop with each frame of the animation on a different layer. Add as many layers as you need.

The layers tab will look something like this:

Select the layers to be used in the animation from the layers palette.

Step 2: Activate visibility on your frames. Open the animation palette by choosing “Window” from the menu bar and selecting “Animation.” It should look something like this when opened:

If it doesn't look like this, it means it opened to timeline view.

On the first frame, turn off visibility for your layers that you do not want visible at the start of your animation. Then add one frame at a time, and turn on the layers you want visible for each step in the animation.

Step 3: Create animation frames. To change the frame animation view, click on the “Flyout” menu in the upper right hand corner of the animation palette and select “Convert to Frame Animation.” Change every layer showing on one frame to every layer showing on its own separate frame. Then, click the “Flyout” menu on the animation palette and choose “Make frames from layers.”



If you want to modify each frame, select the frame on the animation window and change it as desired in the main Photoshop window. To add or remove a graphic from another layer to any frame, select the frame and in the layers palette, click the “eye” to toggle on or off the visibility for that layer.

Step 4: Next, adjust the timing of your frames. Click on the arrow head under each frame to display the timing menu. Select the display time for each frame. The time is shown in seconds below each frame. Also, if you want to select a range of frames, you can hold down the Shift-key while selecting and change the timing together.

Step 5: Export the animated gif and upload to your blog.

– In Photoshop CS3 click: File > Save For Web & Devices…

– In Earlier Photoshops click: File > Save For Web…

To test your resulting animated gif, drag the file onto you web browser. Then you are free to upload it to your site!

[Sources: CreativeTechs, WikiHow]

If you don't have Photoshop, there’s sites like,, and where you simply chose the photos you want to use and it creates the gif for you. However, be wary, sometimes these programs don't work as well and limit your creative abilities. Sometimes they also add watermarks to the final product.

I made this one in about 5 seconds using the Create a Gif site:

If you need more help, view these videos below:

Also, check out this one using heart throbs One Direction if you want to make gifs from video clips rather than pictures:

And finally… some fashion gifs for your viewing pleasure:

[Gifs via Tumblr, Tumblr]

And some funny ones…

[Gifs via I Can Has Cheezburger]


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  1. modeofstyle

    Such a good idea! I need to try it out. And do I need to say – OMG the dog is sooooo cute!

  2. myblondegal

    thank you for this amazing tutorial~ I didn’t know that Photoshop now can do it~! )

  3. Pauline Jorge

    Another great way to make gifs out of photos is by using Photoscape, is very very easy. 🙂

  4. Blondies Style Fix <3

    Such a great idea, may have to use my initiative and try this out for myself! Wish me luck :S
    Grace X