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Nothing changed my photographic/blogging life more than discovering Photoshop actions.

What is a Photoshop action? It is an automated series of sequences that help make  your Photoshop editing process 10x faster. From curves to presets, these Photostop downloads are a blogger's must-haves. Instead of having to change the Levels/Curves/Saturation for each photo (not to mention adding minor corrections and refining edges), you can record your Photoshop actions and apply them to all photos.

Just imagine how much time you’d save using a Photoshop action? Hours upon hours, right?

I first discovered these presets a few years ago after trolling through Flickr and finding stunning images that had the most unique hues and tints in the photos. They reminded me of film photography, with striking colors. However, once I asked the photographer how he/she was able to develop their images, they all said they used their personal actions (also known as presets) and applied them to their photos, depending on the image’s theme and mood. For a personal style blogger, a Photoshop action can truly make your images pop and standout (which, we’ve learned, is the key to making your images extra pinnable).



While you do need Photoshop to get these presets, downloading the actual action from reputable artists and photographers can be cheap, even free. See our list of top Photoshop actions and put them to the test!

1. Julia Trotti – I Have Something To Tell You: From warm to cold to bright and soft, Julia offers downloadable curves that can be used on a variety of images. Lifestyle, fashion, her curves work for it all. Our favorite? The Alice in Wonderland curve. See the before-and-after image above. Such a soft, dreamy look right?

2. Cindy LoughridgeCinnamon Rose Presets: Considered the queen of Photoshop presets, Cindy's Cinnamon Rose presets are the ultimate find for the blogger who prefers romantic, light touches to his/her photos. Unlike the other curves actions which can be used on a Jpeg, these Cinnamon Rose presets need to be used on a RAW photograph. (RAW is like an unedited, undeveloped digital image.)

3. Nirimmi Hankisonthe Color Shop: Nirimmi's shop offers curves and presets that make your images bold and eye-catching. Her presets will make the colors in your images contrast beautifully. Be sure to explore her Cult presets, which are slightly haunting but absolutely gorgeous.


To install Photoshop Presets & Actions:


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Do you have other Photoshop editing actions/presets you like to use? Share your favorite resources with us! We're down for making our images extra gorgeous!


Curves and instructions from Julia Trotti.

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4 Responses

  1. Hannah

    I use Totally Rad Actions and more recently Radlab, their actions are easy to set up but oh do effective!

  2. Diana

    This is such a FAB post! I am net to IFB and this is the first thing I discover..Guess who is hooked to IFB now!! I heartIFB!

  3. Melanie Patterson

    Nirrimi is amazing. Her actions are my absolute favorite. I’ve used them in the past, but I really like developing my own in recent years.

    (Her fashion photography is amazing, too, if you’re not familiar with her work!)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. WTFab

    This is amazing!! Thank you for posting, SO excited to try this out!