5 Rules To Remember When Collaborating Content With Bloggers

Recently, in the weird, wide world of fashion, Target teamed up with Neiman Marcus, and Topshop teamed up with Nordstrom.  Though it may look odd on the outside, there is a strategy behind these collaborations — mainly, to spread their product to consumers that have yet to be introduced to it. The same can go for blogging.

Self promoting your blog may be one of the more difficult parts of running a blogging business. Sure, you have great content, but it may be difficult to introduce readers to your blog in a sea filled with so many fashion sites. One way for expanding your audience is by collaborating content with other blogs or websites. By writing on other blogs you are introducing your content and style to a whole set of fresh eyes, which eventually will drive new readers to your site. Before you start approaching other bloggers or larger websites, remember these rules when collaborating:

1. Be ready. How long have you been consistently blogging for? Do you have a readership that frequently checks in with your updates? Before you start pitching collaboration writing projects make sure you feel comfortable on your blogging skills, writing, and ideas. If you feel confident in the content of your blog, pitching will be much easier, especially if the person you are working with offers criticism on your pitch.

2. Find someone on your level (or above). Once you feel comfortable with your blog, content, and experience, start researching blogs that you think would work well with you. Ask yourself the following:

  • Are they missing a niche that you cover? Perhaps they only cover street style and fashion news, if you cover trend forecasting it will probably be a good fit.
  • Do they have similar traffic or more? You probably don't want to waste your time writing for a blog that has less of an influence than you, unless you believe you are showing off your content to a completely new and relevant audience. On the other hand, if you have yet to build a following, don't expect that bigger sites and blogs will be eager to team up. Try to pick blogs within your range or above, the worst they can say is no!
  • Have they worked with contributors before? Do your research. If a blog has never worked with any other writers, it may not be something they are interested in. However some big websites, like the Huffington Post, are very open to contributors. Seek out a contact (usually an editor) to pitch your ideas. Don't forget to say why your idea will benefit their website.

3. Don't ask for money. There's a difference between being a freelance writer and sharing content for more traffic to your blog. Usually when you pitch a content sharing situation, there is no money exchanged. Simply, you will write the content and they will link to your website with the hopes that people will want to click and read more from you, which will benefit you in the long run.

4. Fine tune your pitch. When you are pitching a story idea to a site, make sure that you are catering to their voice. The point of the content share for them is that they get free and interesting content to put up, so naturally, it should fit with the rest of the site. On the other hand, you want showcase “what you got.” Find a balance between the two when brainstorming ideas.

5. Make your link known. When your article is eventually posted, make sure that your link to your site is prominent (most places will put it somewhere at the very top or very bottom). If you don't like where the link is, don't be afraid to request to have it in a different spot. Most editors will understand, however some places have a strict way of doing things.

Be confident in your content and pitch and put yourself out there!


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8 Responses

  1. Kashara of Undiscovered Worth

    I’m so glad that this article was published. I feel like my blog is finally a decent size and I might be ready to start collaborating. It’s so important to be comfortable with who you’re collaborating with and what you’re collaboration topic is. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with it, it will definitely show to those visitors who do read it.

  2. Angela

    These are great tips. I’m a new blog and anxious to collaborate. Working my way there 🙂

  3. sacramento

    I don´t think it is such a good Idea. When I visit a blog and there is a guest blogger, most of the time, I just go off to the next blog.

  4. Ana Carneiro

    Hi don’t really agree with Sacramento, I think that only happens when the post of the guest blogger lacks interest. I’m really glad you’ve published this!

  5. Kira

    I think that a lot of blog readers don’t realize that many big blogs aren’t written by one person, but a team of contributors. My best tip is to pitch a story or several options – I get offers of guest posts all the time but when I ask what they want to write about, they don’t know! Tell me your idea and how it will specifically work for my blog.

  6. V

    I have a question to ask:Our is a export company of clutch bags,one blogger asked us to send her 10 bags so that she will try them if different outfits & post on her blog.When we asked her to pay sample charges she said its a free collaboration.How can we proceed !