Celebrate Bastille Day By Cruising Our Favorite French Blogs!

In the United States we have the Fourth of July – and in France they have Bastille Day! What better way to celebrate the day when the French citizens stormed the Bastille and began a revolution (in 1789) – than by checking out some of IFB's favorite French bloggers!

Garance Dore

The Cherry Blossom Girl

Le Blog De Betty

Punky B

Une Chic Fille

Cachemire et Soie

Who are some of your favorite French blogs and bloggers?


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6 Responses

  1. Cameron

    I see you have two of the three French bloggers I follow (Alix + Betty), but you can’t forget their mutual friend Tokyobanhbao of Le monde de Tokyobanhbao! She’s actually the first blogger I ever profiled, and the first one to have a bilingual profile on my blog two years’ later!

  2. Playing With Scarves

    Hi !
    I am new on IFB and I am currently trying to understand the way it works. Obviously you have wonderful tips. Thanks !
    Just wanted to mention that my blog (http://playingwithscarves.wordpress) is all about a very French accessory: silk scarves. My American friends have encouraged me to share my French scarf styling secrets. And I’ll be happy to share them with the IFB community.
    Happy Bastille Day :-)))

  3. Hind

    I am french as well – happy Bastille day!
    My absolute favourite is Garance’s blog, she is the one who got me into blogging (reading other people blogs and starting my own!). I love her pictures, drawings and very witty texts (especially in french) 🙂

  4. michelle k

    How about Louise Ebel of Pandora from misspandora.fr ? Her blog is beyond amazing.. Her photos are always conceptual.. and I love she relates her photoshoots to art references in the past….