Steven Rojas Knows A Thing Or Two About Social Media

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Steven Rojas, Social Media Director at GrandLife Hotels NYC, knows a thing or two about how to use social media to your benefit. He has given a hip voice to the Soho and Tribeca Grands in New York City through constant updates on Twitter and Instagram, keeping things exciting for those who can't make it past the velvet rope.

Whatever the brand may be (whether it's hospitality or fashion blogging), social media can be used to your advantage, especially when you have ‘exclusivity,' perhaps at a fashion show or previewing a new designer's line. Here we are looking for tips from a source ‘outside of the fashion blogging box' to help you get those creative juices flowing for your own social media. Let us know what you think…


What's the secret to success in social media? Do you have any tips?

The secret to success in social media, or anything in life is simple. Do what you love. In a world where information moves faster that one can take in at any given moment, anyone doing something they are not passionate about will be left behind and the ones who bask in their careers will be the ones who make the differences.


How do you use social media to promote your brand, without coming off as over promotional?

I'm lucky to be working with a brand and a group of people who are dedicated to moving forward, and creating unique experiences for their consumers. Using the experiences that the team develops, I am able to communicate new and exciting content that not only I find interesting, but that I want to share and promote so that friends and followers can enjoy the GrandLife as well.


How many hours a day are you on social media?

24 hours. I don't sleep.


How important do you believe social media marketing is to shaping a brand?

Social Media branding is an essential part in the development, shaping and promoting of a brand. Without it the true philosophy behind a brand can get lost or even worse, misunderstood. It is an essential two-way conversation for this fast-paced digital frontier to hone in on what is working and what is not directly from the mouths of those who matter most, our consumers.


What is your favorite social media platform and why?

I don't think I can quantify the importance one platform over another, each one brings an exciting and unique experience that relies on the next to enhance it.


What's the difference between a pro and amateur in social media?

I believe that a pro understands the implications of social media and the effects it can have, thus he/she has a more cohesive brand voice that is on 24hours a day.


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Do you have any advice you would give to an up-and-coming fashion blogger trying to gain traction in social media?

I always hear people saying that they think “No one cares about what I say” and to that I say don't give up. If you care about something, that means 10 people do. If 10 people do, then 20 do, if 20 then 30 and so forth.


To see more from Steven, you can check out @GrandLifeHotels and @StevenRojas.


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  1. Giovana Alves

    I’m from Brazil and i saw your blog on signature9 and i’ll be really glad and honor if you check my website and give your opinion! I’m on this blog thing for 3 years.
    Congrats for your blog btw, it’s awsome!

  2. TerranceJ

    By far, one of the best articles I’ve read in a while – not overly concise and rife with great information. I agree with him: you shouldn’t be doing anything unless you have the passion for it <3