Twitter Dramatically Reacts To The End Of Gossip Girl

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We've heard that Gossip Girl is filming their last episodes of the series this week. That's right, the show that highlighted the New York's socially (and fashionably) elite will have it's last episode airing this fall. Apparently, this means many young adults' lives will ‘end,' especially if ‘Chuck and Blair don't end up together.' Check out the dramatic reactions we found on Twitter of GG's upcoming farewell.  (OMFG!)

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  1. Katie

    It’s really sad that “Gossip Girl” is over, but people are weird sometimes :’D

  2. Angela

    I remember in the Gossip Girl books it was all about “Serena & Dan” and if they would end up together! So interesting that it’s “Blair & Chuck” in the TV show. Then again, Chuck was also an overweight red headed in the books haha.

    • Thalia

      Weren’t the books all about the Serena -Nate-Blair triangle? Chuck was bi and had a Monkey named Sweetie, Vanessa was cool and had a shaved head and Jenny had huge knockers. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Yeah the show took huge liberties with the books except for giving Chuck a pet “Monkey” and making Blair worship Audrey Hepburn.

    • Lara

      Actually the books were mainly about Blair and Nate’s relationship, and how Serena is involved.. not Dan and Serena. But yeah, they better end GG with Chuck and Blair and Serena and Blair working things out as friends, because that’s all that matters.

  3. ZhenyaH

    I just think that everyone is over reacting a little, I am sure people thought it was the end of the world when SATC was on it’s last season. I will definitely miss GG, but it’s been dragging lately, really has

  4. justamodernrock

    everything *I* say on Twitter is completely profound and 100% serious. that’s true everybody, across all social networks, yes? #itsallpoetry

  5. Bella M

    I think it’s okay…it’s time has come and better to leave while on a high note, I think.
    I will miss it but I look forward to seeing these actors break out into even more roles!

  6. Christiana

    The feeling of Gossip Girl being on the last season is so bittersweet.I think is time to end but i know that as stupid s it may sound i will cry my eyes out that day & probably the whole week after the last GG Monday. I want to thanks Josh Schwartz,Stephanie Savage,the Gossip Girl writers,the actors & the whole GG team.I hope the show will end in the way i & most of the viewers want(as you can see on the tweets you screen-caped it) & remember it with a sweet taste.The only sure thing is that i’ll never forget this show & the people i met because of it so thank you Gossip Girl !!

  7. Megan

    I love Chuck and Blair. I’m sad GG is coming to an end but I would love if they focused back on Chuck and Blair and Blair and Serena again! Can’t wait for October!

  8. Hannah

    Cool article! I always knew that all the casual viewers were rooting for a happy ending for Chuck and Blair. Can’t wait for Season 6!

  9. LH

    Chuck&Blair 4 LIFE!!! They are GG’s alpha couple & the HEART AND SOUL of the show. CHAIR is why the audience has invested in Gossip Girl all these years!


  10. Mary

    CHAIR All The WAY!!! They are so destined-to-be in EVERY way!!! CB=KISMET!

  11. David

    GG became a cultural phenomenon because of Chuck&Blair EPIC love story and CHAIR became the IT couple in pop culture & has remained so ever since!! Chuck&Blair MUST end up together….You cannot fight FATE!!

  12. myblondegal

    I expected that )
    There is nothing more that GG can tell us
    and the main theme of all series becomes not “who is GG and why she is doing this?” but “why Chuck and Blair are not together again?”

    • Nicole

      I have to disagree, i want to find out who GG is & what makes her/him do all these stuff & actually season 5 & the 6th season too have a SL which has that purpose so that theme is still there.
      The fact that this show created an iconic couple & people may find that more interesting doesn’t mean that is bad for the show or the viewers don’t care about anything else ,i would say the opposite!

  13. Emily

    I think six seasons is the right length for Gossip Girl, but I’ll definitely still miss it. I just wish they hadn’t wasted season 5. I hope the final season will do right by characters and fans. More focus on Serena/Blair’s friendship and, of course, a happy ending for Chuck and Blair. That’s all I ask.

  14. sarah l

    I’m going to miss Gossip Girl when it ends. Can’t wait for Chuck and Blair to finally to be together.

  15. stef

    it’s so sad this series has to end! and to think my fiction blog was primarily inspired by Blair and Chuck! 🙁

    check out my fiction story series inspired by Gossip Girl here 🙂

  16. stef

    ahh wrong link. it should be this one.. 🙂

    The Gossip Girl inspired story. 🙂 hope you visit!

  17. Nana

    It’s so so sad. Just the thought of life without Gossip Girl makes me extremely depressed. I’m not ready to say goodbye 🙁 I don’t even remember how I used to live 6 years ago. I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!!! *cries*

  18. J

    CHUCK & BLAIR 4 LIFE!!! We’ve EARNED our CHAIRYTALE ending…Bring it on, GG!!! Along with a few Waldass babies via CB flashforwards!! #CHAIRFamily FTW!!!

  19. ann

    and where are angry posts?I see alot that people dissappointment that show still exsist

  20. Kristin

    Gossip Girl has been such an inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere and has set a precedent for other tv shows to follow. The chic couture that Blair and Serena rocked every week kept us on our toes, looking forward to the drama AND the fashion. The show will truly be missed!

  21. Shaakira

    Its so sad. All of my favorite shows are ending. First Smallville, then One Tree Hill, and now Gossip Girl. I hope Chuck and Blair finally end up together and all of the friendships are mended for all times sake!

  22. JD

    Blair & Chuck/Chuck & Blair…I’m ALL IN for Gossip Girl & CHAIR 4 LIFE!!! And, give us some Waldass babies via flashforwards, GG!!

  23. Stella

    I miss Gossip Girl so much…I rewatched all the episodes recently and I can’t stop crying I miss it so much I miss Chuck I miss Blair I miss everyone on the show I just can’t