Digital DJ: Embrace The Remix As A Strategy For Originality

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If you were to look through and re-read every Professional Blogger Spotlight and Ask The Brand feature we have published on IFB, you would notice one idea that resonates throughout: the importance of originality.

We are all aware (sometimes painfully so) of how critical it is in the blogging community (and industry) to have a unique point of view, a singular niche and consistently original content.

That being said – it's not exactly easy, is it? We often find ourselves saying many of the same things because we're all zeroed in on the same topic: fashion. Do you ever wonder, what can I possibly say that hasn't been said?

After checking out this very cool web video series ‘Everything Is A Remix,' it becomes clear that some of the most innovative products, films, and inventions in our history are a composite of things that came before. It takes a smart, creative, visionary to adapt the best parts of what already exists and produce something we haven't yet seen. (Think about MySpace and Facebook, for example.)

Instead of driving yourself bonkers trying to reinvent the proverbial wheel – think of yourself as a sort of digital deejay. You have access to just about all the content, innovation and ideas that are floating around on the Internet and beyond. You can create something totally new by combining the best of what's already out there.

The main ingredient in your blog's remix is going to be your own personality. Use it to filter out all the junk, everything that doesn't excite you, and the trends that probably won't interest your audience either. You know what you like – and that's the best place to start.

To illustrate how you might create original blog content that is basically a remix of things already floating around the Internets, think about the steps that go into creating a hypothetical outfit post.

blogYou might, for example, browse street style photography blogs and to see what industry influencers, models, editors and celebrities are wearing. A few key looks and items will grab your intention – maybe a color, maybe the cut of a dress.

The next week you're out shopping, and purchase a dress from Zara that reminds you of a great look you pinned from Mr. Newton.

You then build an outfit around this dress, using accessories, styling your hair and topping it off with a bright lipstick you first saw on The Beauty Department.

Next you grab your camera and your trusty photographer/friend/boyfriend/tripod and search out a location to shoot. Most likely you saw a great set up on one of your favorite blogs or in an editorial spread. You've seen how other bloggers have posed and what shots they've used to highlight aspects of their looks, and employ a similar technique.

Eventually you create a post around your photographs and your look. You may discuss how you came up with this look, or leave your audience to guess. The final product is a mash-up of different things you like, presented in the context of your own personal style and blog format.


It's not a bad thing, but your blog is mostly a composite of all the best parts of other sites you like. It's only natural to be inspired by those who have set admirable benchmarks. Your site and your content is uniquely yours because of the way you have combined those elements. We are all innovating in our own way, and the more original content we produce, the more our community will grow and we will foster each others creativity.


How do you remix what you like to create something new? What influences affect your blog content?


image credit: Lauren by Mayke on Dust Till Dawn



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8 Responses

  1. stef uy

    oh fashion. you do draw me in so. in a community so close minded in terms of fashion, anything out of the ordinary will easily become a topic of either admiration or gossip. the secret of rising above it? simply not caring what others think. 🙂

  2. Auie

    as a beginner fashion blogging, it’s hard to find that original content. it seems as if what you say has already been said by millions of known bloggers. Agreeing completely on this article, it is only I that is what’s not out there. it’s still hard to find originality sometimes especially when easily influenced by what’s out there. sometimes though, when you know you’re being you, whether you’re read or not, the passion is what drives you to keep working.

  3. Kristian

    While this article does make a good point- we are all influenced by other blogs/sites/each other- I’m not sure this example is really the best example of remixing. I mean, unless you make your own lipstick (and dresses, and dress patterns, which some people do) you are “remixing” all the time. Things like make-up and clothes are what you use to create a look. Its not a perfect analogy, but this is sort of like saying painters are “remixing” if they don’t make their own paint.

    Still, it is always good to look at where your inspiration is coming from though, and I’d like to think that each person manages to put their own spin on looks, outfits, outlooks on life etc.

    A great follow up article might be about using using your previous blog posts/blog content and “remixing” or reusing that content to create fresh, informative blogs, or a post about something similar to Kendi Everyday’s past remix challenges.

  4. Katie

    this is very good article. i’m brand new blogger and i’ve visited many many blogs and i really like some styles. I was like: omg, i want to look like this girl, i want those clothes etc. first thought in my mind was: “i must change my style” but then after longer thinking i was like: “no, my style is ok, i can use those blogs for inspiring myself and mix all those stuff”. now, when i go to buy clothes, i mix those stuff (of course, i know the line and i don’t want to make too much) and it makes my own lovely, unique style. so i don’t need to copy anyone and this is how i found my own orginal way 🙂

  5. Shhivika

    So, I was intrigued when I read the synopsis of the article on the IFB home page, but reading on its entirety didn’t enlighten me much. I mean yes, ok, I think the whole “remix” bit was a nice proposition, but I was waiting for a more meaty article. As a fashion blogger myself (and like many lovely ones – new and experienced -out there) I am constantly in a flux to understand what I could/should do make my blog and its content unique. I love fashion and everything that it touches, but I am not sure if I am finding the right ways to make my passion read and seen. I think what we, relatively newer bloggers, need is a forum to create a dialogue, meet-ups and interactive opportunities so that we can elevate our status to the “next best thing.” Something like a pow-wow session. And, then what happens after such sessions, is each blogger’s hard work and perseverance.
    Remix is good, but if the tune or rhythm is missing, then you have lost your listeners!

    Good luck to all my new and upcoming bloggers out there…I am rooting for ya’! 🙂


  6. Maria V

    I’m actually avoiding looking at big blogs. I don’t want to be influenced. For inspiration I review recent runways and my own wardrobe trying to come up with new looks from what I already have. Originality is the key for me and I’m trying to built a space that will differ and stand out. Not repeat or use others ideas. From my own blogging experience I witnessed quite a few times that trends that I predicted became massive 6 months – a year later.