Edit Like A Pro: How To Edit Your Mobile Videos

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We’ve discussed how your blog can benefit from video content, and how to easily shoot it on mobile phone – but what’s really going to take your videos to the next level is a bit of editing. Even the slightest changes (a trim here, a filter there) can drastically improve your clip and give you a more polished, fun and professional end product.
Depending on how fancy you want to get, there are several ways to edit your video content. Below, we’ll briefly go over the best ways to edit your video content for your blog and social media channels.
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On Your Phone

If you go into your camera roll, you can select the video you want to edit, and trim it down right there on your screen. At the top of the screen you will see a bar that shows a frame-by-frame breakdown of your video. You can move the slider to select a smaller portion to save. Next, you can either save the clip and overwrite the original, or save the clip in addition to the original. See below:


In An App

There are tons (and tons) of apps that let you shoot and edit video all in one place, but few are very high quality. Select one that allows you to make changes, add music, perhaps add titles and post to your social networks easily. With iMovie ($4.99 in the app store) you can create and edit movie-trailer style videos, and with VideofyMe you can shoot with a variety of filters, trim your video for length and arrange multiple clips to play seamlessly one after the other in the studio feature.
If you want to get super-fancy without ever leaving your phone, try using more than one app to edit and then post to your social media. Apps like Videolicious let you combine videos, add music and photos and create a one-of-a-kind compilation. You can then upload that saved video to videofyme to share on your social networks and earn revenue!

On Your Computer

Whether you shoot your video in or out of an app, a copy of it should save to your phone’s memory. Export it to your harddrive to edit it on your computer. From here, there are several ways you can edit and modify your videos. Depending on how devoted you are to developing your video editing skills, you may opt for the free software on your computer, an in-browser application or a more advanced program like Final Cut or Photoshop.


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4 Responses

  1. Kathleen Lisson

    I absolutely agree that the quality of my videos has improved with editing. I am also excited that Youtube will edit videos after uploading. My favorite Youtube edit is the one that stops the shaky camera effect. I have shot and edited four outfit posts so far. I find that shooting at ‘destination locations’ like polo, the track, cruise and a farmers market allows me to tell a story in the video versus just showing a series of outfit shots.

  2. Anders

    The filters in the new VideofyMe app are cool. Just started to experiment how to use them in a creative way.

  3. Sarah

    As a professional in the video industry, these are very basic tips and they aren’t really going to get anyone far. When I look at subpar videos, it disappoints me. When other people don’t recognize the issues in their videos and pat themselves on their back for using a dslr instead of a video camera, I get annoyed. Video editing is a talent and a skill that takes time to develop. This should be worth at least a series of posts on the basics of how to create proper video or a reference to a serious book or resource online that explains how to tackle video editing.

  4. Love

    Hmm… I never really thought much about how to use video on the go until I recently. I’ve built up some editing skills over time with shooting digital film, but honestly nothing beats the simplicity of mobile video on the go. You shoot, do a quick edit, and upload with hardly any serious rendering time.

    I don’t always want to log into final cut or avid to edit a vid. Especially if its something light and just a snippet of daily life. Not to mention not everyone has the patience to prepare and edit full blown productions. Its great to have other options to create content because it gives creators new and different ways to engage our audience. So now I plan to use a high quality cam for the big stuff and a mobile cam for the small stuff – like sharing breakfast with fans or saying a quick hello. I hope bloggers recognize the power in this. Or maybe I’m crazy in thinking its pretty powerful.