Wake Up Round Up: A Deeper Look Into Katie Holmes’ Calculated Breakup

The high end designers chosen to create the Olympic team outfits across the globe are outsourcing their outfits causing some controversy. So much for national pride. [WWD]

A look into the future: how will the web monetize in 2020? [TechCrunch]

Check out how the stylish dress at Comic Con. [Vogue UK]

A look into Katie's calculated breakup with Tom Cruise. Don't we all wish we could pull it off with such sophistication like her? She ain't no Bridget Jones. [NY Times]

Breaking Bad premiered. And it reached a whole new level of meth cooking crazy. [NY Daily News]

“She scares me a little – I like that.” Can you guess which actress Mick Jagger is speaking about here? Hint: It's now rumored they had a fling for two years. [Vogue UK]

France celebrates Bastille Day! [Washington Post]

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