5 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Community


Ever since Facebook unveiled timeline and its subsequent IPO filing, we have noticed that the platform has gotten, well, a little quiet. Stale, even.

While it used to be the place to be (hello 2008), the platform has become another part of the social media movement instead of the pioneer of the movement, thanks to the influx of Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. However, while others are quick to jump the Facebook ship, we don't want to say goodbye to it. I mean, we have some serious ties to the platform. It was the only place us college kids could hang out in the veil of privacy that MySpace could never offer. And remember the good old days when mom & dad weren't on the platform? Yeah, good times.

We can't ignore the pull we have to Facebook, and crazy enough, the site is still a top referral traffic driver for most brands and even bloggers. So, with users spending 34% less time on the social platform, it's up to you, the blogger and brand, to figure out a way to keep your Facebook fans engaged.


How can you do this?


1. Use your insights to get, well, insight. We look at our insights everyday. Not kidding. Every day. Why? Because understanding your fans behavior is crucial to developing engaging content. If they respond to your outfit posts better at night, you know then that your fans are online night owls. If they don't really enjoy your beauty posts then maybe rethink your blog's content strategy or figure out how to better tailor your content on Facebook specifically. If you have a big following in the UK, maybe highlight more news or London-based trends. Whatever you end up doing, see who your reader is and actually get to know them. You won't regret it.

2. Use better graphics. We as humans are visual creatures. We want to see things, not just read them. When you are sharing your next post, use a specifically-sized image that demonstrates your point in a brand-focused way. We love the Who What Wear page because the graphics are the right size and clearly show off the content they are promoting.

3. Make the most of Timeline's features. Many bloggers have yet to use Timeline's features to the best of their advantage and the new framework has been out for months! Come on, guys, get exploring. Show off your finest blogging moments (magazine features, brand work, favorite posts) on Timeline. Change your cover photos to match your week's content or overarching monthly themes. Add specific apps that will enhance your fan's experience like video or photo galleries.

4. Gamify. Don't be sacred of this word, even though it does evoke images of nerdy guys camping out with their World of Warcraft gear in front of a monitor spacing out. No, the world of social media gamification is ultra stylized now, with brands like Burberry and DKNY stepping up to the plate and using gaming to communicate with their users.  Adding simple gamification elements like scavenger hunts, quizzes, polls, and more will get your fans involved.

5. Time your posts accordingly. To be honest, the highest Facebook engagement time are outside of business hours. Seriously though, when are you on Facebook? Before or after work, right? Exactly. Timing your posts to go live during the evening or on  Thursday or Friday are the best ways to get your readers attention when sharing your posts. To go even further, why not pose questions during these posts and comment on your readers thoughts. That's right, engage with your readers. Amazing, huh?


That's just a brief summary of how you can engage with your Facebook community. We highly recommend you go out and do your research. Find out how and why other brands are working with their Facebook readers. Keep up with new updates and games and be passionate about your Facebook outreach! Readers can tell when your heart just isn't into it so be sure that you truly want to engage with your fans.



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18 Responses

  1. eclechick

    Great points! Glad to know that I’m not the only one that looks at insights on a daily basis. Posting visuals has really made my Facebook page more interactive.

  2. Lexi

    I just want to point out, as a fashion blogger and an avid gamer, that stereotype of the kind of people that play video games is way way waaaaay outdated.

  3. Oteea Land

    I think I have tried a little bit of everything, well except playing “little games”, in my attempt of engaging and making my FB page a friendlier corner, because despite all changes – I still can’t give it up.

    However, I do find it difficult to get people to interact (with more than a Like), but I keep hoping that this is just the first chapter, which is always the rough part for me 🙂

    Oh, the blogging world and its wonders ….

    Hugs ♥


  4. Carrie and Ryan Yokogawa

    “Timing your posts to go live during the evening or on Thursday or Friday are the best ways to get your readers attention when sharing your posts.” Really? It seems like our readers are most active during business hours…

  5. Kristian

    Great ideas. I got a Facebook page after the mandatory switch to timeline for pages, so it is interesting both to realize that there HAS been a change in how bloggers use this tool and to see the different ideas there are to vitalize it!

  6. modaotero

    I couldn’t agree more with this advice!!! I have noticed that my posts even shared on Pinterest have been more popular in the evening than in the afternoon. I do see the difficulty in getting as many followers as I have on twitter to my facebook. So I think definitely using one media outlet to promote another may help. I have set up my posts to automatically share on Twitter, Facebook, Lookbook, etc.

    Love getting advice from everyone!!! I heart IFB!!

    Jessica , MODA OTERO

  7. [email protected]

    Great tips as always. Esp looking at insight daily. I currently look at it once a month but daily makes sense. Thanks IFb, you’ll are always keeping us informed!

  8. Cathrine the fashionist

    Facebook has never actually worked for me, I try to be creative and the page has frozen so I do not get my notifications at all. So I am trying to get my numbers elsewhere, I may have the day there everything seems kind of dark. But I am lucky to have my 378 followers of the blog.

  9. Amber

    Great tips. Everyday I am trying to figure out how to make my facebook page better!


  10. Jade

    Great point about timing when you post! I tend to post on Twitter before work (as that’s when I get most notice on there) and after work, evening’s and weekends for Facebook – as that’s when the majority of my followers are on that site. And great suggestion about the cover picture – I defnitely need to do that! xx

  11. Maria V @CrashingRed

    Weekends for Facebook is the best for sure! Disagree about evenings – timing is individual for each blogger depending on their target audience and their lifestyle. For me daytime is the best.

  12. Vicky

    All these points are absolutely valid and if you have big enough community on FB then engaging them with the tips mentioned would be great, however if do not have that big of a fan following then use one of the tips above and make a post which you think could go viral on fb and make it a sponsored post, this way you will attract new fans and will get the maximum viral affect for your buck.. 🙂
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