IFB Project #56 Round Up: Heat Wave Survival Style

Ohhhhh boy, it is a scorcher today. We didn't even realize when we posted this project on Saturday, just how hot it would be today.   Our super-scientific computer weather report says it's currrently 97 degrees, and the weather man said the heat index could reach 105 degrees farenheit – not to mention severe thunderstorms in the afternoon.

That being said – we certainly won't catch many of you looking like sticky, overheating messes while out on the street in a heat wave. We loved all your posts, from short-shorts to maxi dresses, chic sandals and plenty of sun-reflecting shades.

 Here are our 10 favorite heat wave-ready posts from the community!

  1. Knocked Up Fabulous's Hot Hot Summer
  2. Brittany's Notebook's a little sun flare never hurt anyone
  3. Inexpensive Chic's Cool Looks For Summer
  4. Sorelle In Style's Beat The Heat
  5. Meet & Muse 32 Degrees Celsius Style
  6. Clothes & Fashion's Riding The Heat Wave
  7. Coeur d' Coeurs The Zephyr of Venice
  8. Barefoot Duchess' Sunday Outfit
  9. Sara Constance's Green Wonderland
  10. Laura Wears' Stripes & Florals


Check out all of the submissions from the community, and don't forget to come back on Saturday, July 21st for a new project!


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4 Responses

  1. April

    This project was great…really helped keep our minds off of the heat! Hmm…what other summer related project could possibly be posted on Saturday??

  2. Juliette Gold

    This project was so perfectly timed! I completely ran out of outfit ideas [:

    I really liked the look by Sorelle in Style. Which one was your fave?