IFB Project #57: Share Your Global Olympic Spirit!

You guys (and girls), the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic games is on Friday. If you're anything like the entire team over here at IFB, you cannot wait for the festivities to begin.

From the pure sport and competition of each event to the costumes, the pomp and circumstance and the national pride we all feel as our athletes give their all – the Olympics are one of the most universally entertaining, unifying and exciting events the world have ever known. (Okay, that was a touch dramatic, but it's sufficient to say – we're ready.)

To celebrate the Olympics, we want to see your spirit and pride for your country (and beyond) on your blog!

IFB Project #57: Share Your Global Olympic Spirit

This post leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can talk about the designers making uniforms and outfits for each country, your favorite athletes, that spread in Vogue, London travel tips – you name it! We hope to get submissions from all over the world so spread the global love and submit your post below by Tuesday, July 24th!

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