8 Topics We All Shamelessly Tweet

Twitter can be an amazing outlet to voice our opinions and thoughts, as well as a platform to spark discussion — but sometimes it seems like everyone is thinking the same thing. Check out these eight topics that every person has tweeted about at least once:


1. The weather. Is it hot out? Cold? Snowing? Raining? Tornado? Maybe it's perfect. Or is the the #APOCALYPSE?

2. Whatever we are eating, may it be #brunch, #lunch, #dinner, or #breakfast.

3. How much we hate Mondays. I mean, they just suck. Amirite?

4. How much we love Fridays. Cause they're, like, the best.

Combining both the love of Fridays and breakfast, touché.

5. How we are so tired.

6. How we are so busy.

You see, being so busy is making her tired. It's a vicious tweet cycle.

7. How we are stuck in traffic (UGH!).

Even the bassist in One Direction in running late and tweets about it.

8. The Bachelor and/or The Bachelorette.

Once again, One Direction is guilty as charged.

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8 Responses

  1. Alexandra

    Hahaha!!! What a great roundup! I’m definitely guilty of a few of these – good to know there are things we all agree on! 🙂


  2. girlinshoes

    I am so guilty of weather Tweeting… specially when is 100 degrees… LOL!! OH, and also reality TV… I will have to start checking myself before tweeting 🙂