10 Pieces Bad Fashion Blogging Advice

Bad blogging advice — nobody wants it, but a lot of people dish it. So we decided to point out some of the biggest misconceptions we hear about fashion blogging and clear the air.

1. It's only about having good photos.

Great photos can make your content look more professional and put together, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't describe your outfit. Even successful street style blogs cite where they were or what they were doing with each photo. It gives your audience context to what they are seeing.

2. It's better to be on trend than have your own style.

Trendy items can spread like wildfire through sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, but if you don't develop a personal style (or voice) for yourself first, these trends will seem inauthentic. Pick trends that actually work well with your “look” and body.

3. You have to be young.

Trust us, there are plenty of stylish women and men over the age of thirty and blogging about it successfully.

4. Stick to a rigid publishing schedule.

Should you have some kind of editorial calendar? Yes, even if only to keep yourself organized. However, don't beat yourself up if you can't get your post up by 7 am. Unless you are writing about something that is timely and topical (for instance, if you went to a fashion show and want the post up as soon as possible) it's most likely that your readers will come back later in the day to see your post.

5. All it takes to succeed is quality content.

Quality content is always at the base of any good blog — but that doesn't mean your site will sky rocket into popularity over night. Marketing is a huge part of making your voice heard, and sometimes can be more time consuming than actually writing. Patience is key when building a following.

6. You must use a custom design.

Design should be all about functionality and style, whether it's custom or not.

7. Keep your posts under 300 words.

Many bloggers are under the impression that blog readers are always in a hurry — therefore longer content won't hold a reader's attention. The truth is, however, boring content won't hold a readers attention. If the content is well thought out and an interesting topic/angle, your followers will want to read it. Simple enough.

8. Post about brands that send you free things to maintain a good relationship.

A part of being a fashion blogger means that brands will eventually start sending you gifted items (if you build enough of a following), but that doesn't mean you must write about anything and everything you receive. If you don't find the brand appealing, politely decline the gift, but do let them know you were very appreciative of the offer.

9. You need an agent.

If you want to build your reputation from the ground up, and want to fully understand all aspects of the blogging business, it might be best if you stay away from an agent.

10. It will happen overnight. 

This is 100% false. It takes a lot of work to build an audience, and maintaining that readership can take be even more work.


What's some other bad advice you've heard?


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36 Responses

  1. Donna

    I don’t think I’ve gotten any bad advice, but plenty of good advice, especially here on IFB. Probably the one thing on your list that has been alluded to the most, however, is the one about being young. You brought that up recently, and it seems like a lot of the bloggers that get featured in magazines or on other sites are often young (and skinny, of course). I can relate to younger women most of the time (I try to keep myself young in heart and mind), but it is nice to occasionally read a blog written by someone my age.

  2. Nadya

    Number 10 is true, on all platforms of life, actually.
    People think they can achieve everything overnight, and when they don’t, they blame it on others and the world. These people don’t even try hard enough to begin with…
    Thanks IFB! Great (counter) advices!

  3. Toni Styles

    I really agree with your point related to number 2. I love when someone embraces their own style and not just a collection of trends. Knowing and wearing what works for you is SO much more appealing to the reader. Pretty, safe, “mall/club” looks are beyond boring – real style is: your unique personality mixed with your lifestyle, and a dash of fantasy or a dream for the future. To make it to the top, I think us bloggers ought to break out of the box – it’s far too crowded.

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

  4. Ashley Laurel

    I don’t feel like I’ve heard this bad advice either. I personally blog about a niche topic and spend hours upon hours researching and writing my content. Some copy is under 300 words, but some of my longer pieces (like my posts about Rebecca Minkoff’s social strategy leadership lessons learned from Rent the Runway’s CEO) have given my blog the most traffic to date!

    I’m also comfortable turning down collaborations that don’t fit my blog aesthetic, even if some are enticing.


  5. Ashley Laurel

    I don’t feel like I’ve heard this bad advice either. I personally blog about a niche topic and spend hours upon hours researching and writing my content. Some copy is under 300 words, but some of my longer pieces (like my posts about Rebecca Minkoff’s social strategy and leadership lessons learned from Rent the Runway’s CEO) have given my blog the most traffic to date!

    I’m also comfortable turning down collaborations that don’t fit my blog aesthetic, even if some are enticing.


  6. Libertad

    People also say that, apart of young, if you’re not ‘beautiful’ or ‘thin’ you cannot succeed. I think it’s rubbish, of course; if you have something really interesting to show, your blog can get lots of attention.

  7. Shilpi

    Much needed one !! I have just one doubt – does having 50-100 comments on your post makes it successful ? Since many bloggers are already having full-time job and lot of other responsibility, so they try hard to comment but sometimes 24 hr is not sufficient enough. I am one of them sadly 🙂
    I appreciate if someone turns back and tell me anywhere in social media, how I am doing rather then forcing them to put a comment on my blog. Hope I am on correct way !!

  8. Sabina

    With the exception of “All you need is quality content” I’ve never heard anyone spew such false information about blogging. Whoever said it would happen overnight was probably being sarcastic. And all these other tips people offer in how-to type articles and posts around the net I think are kind of obvious. Of course you have to be true to yourself and stand out. That kind of advice is up there with: “Develop strong writing skills” and “Use social media.” It’s like gee thanks, I had no idea.

  9. Manolo the Shoeblogger

    This is most excellent advice.

    As the Manolo can tell you, do not be afraid to be yourself (unless, of the course, yourself is quite boring, in which case become someone more interesting).

  10. moiminnie

    I like the list and most of the stuff written is true. With the exception of no. 5. You DO need quality content in order to have real readers. Unfortunately, majority of bloggers think of posting and blogging in general as some kind of work which is extremely sad. The creativity and expressing yourself has gone with the winds of blogging as a profession. It’s far more important dressing trendy ( no matter if the trend suits you or not ), having blurred-background photos (no matter that the point of that photo doesn’t exist ) and large army of “follow-for-follow” readers – than having quality content and being true to yourself. Really really sad.

  11. Tarandip Kaur

    I definitely agree that style blogs shouldn’t only post pictures and be done with it. Add a couple of words as to why that particular outfit or where did you wear it to, a little context brings life to the pictures!


  12. OyVeyMyLife

    I’ve actually come across this bad advice. Who writes this?!? Glad to have you clear it up!

  13. Anika

    Totally agree with you! In my country, they will tell you that all that bad advices are good and will make you successful! But that’s why I am here, listening to you, not them 🙂

  14. ZhenyaH

    I still think good photos are important, I am not talking professional photo shoot, but just good, edited ones. But I like posting on a schedule, that’s just the kind of person I am 🙂

    Zhenya @http://beingzhenya.wordpress.com/

  15. Susann Akers

    The one which says you have to be young – It does seem that most fashion and beauty bloggers are young. I am not keen on posting my photo because I am definately the wrong side of fifty. I have a fashion blog and a shoe website and I honestly believe that if people knew my age they would not take me seriously. I dont know if that is true……..but that is what I think

  16. Kholá

    I’ve heard the advice about ‘visitors don’t read content.’ Sometimes thats true but I still think having something interesting to say is just as important as good photos.

  17. sahra

    SO TRUE! Also, I’ve heard your blogging platform plays a big role in your success/followers…REALLY NOW?
    this infuriated me as a wordpress blogger and only made me push harder to excel. and it’s paid off seeing as how I now have a higher follower count thanthe one who said that to me (I’m super competitive, yeaaaa)

    Though, qualityphotos sometimes help it’s not an end all be all.

    Xo Sahra

  18. Monica

    I felt like I had to learn half of this the hard way. The thing is, when people right tips such as “keep to a schedule” … they have a good point. But the thing is, there are pros and cons to every tip. Whilst a schedule can be helpful… especially if you want to write a few stock items to publish during a busy period, it can become a real ball and chain real soon :S

    I say, keep reading up on how other bloggers have developed. But don’t ever be afraid to can something that is not working out for you.

  19. Andrea

    I’ve heard a lot of the above mentioned points over the last year, but I think the most important thing about blogging is, that you love it and you have fun with it! If you’re able to create a nice and fun little site, readers will come and probably also stay. 🙂
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  20. House of Vain

    This blog is right on the money. When I go to blogs, I want an opinion or an idea. Images help, yes, but they aren’t the be all of a fantastic post. If I JUST wanted pics, I’d head over to instagram or tumblr.

  21. Iv

    Thanks for pulling together the list! I like the one about being <300 words. I started my blog and re-greasing the wheels for writing (I haven't written anything longer than an email in a long time… that happens when you work with numbers). I received initial feedback that some of my posts were too long.

    Tweaking my writing style, yes, but the length of posts, no!

  22. Carmen Li

    Even though I’ve never personally heard these bad advices, I can completely imagine it being something that’s stereotyped in the blogging community. Not just with bloggers, I feel like it can be something that draws in with the fashion industry in general.