Wake Up Round Up: The Addictive Yearning Of The Pinterest Curation Craze

Get all that online shopping done soon, sales tax will soon be collected from online purchases. [WSJ]

Two of my favorite things, Instagram and chocolate, are now combined with Cocographs! [Mashable]

A look into the “addictive yearning” of the Pinterest ‘curation' craze. [New York Times]

How the internet  has made us a nation of bargain shoppers. [The Independent]

The rise of China's style can be summed up to this: “We’re going through this wonderful period where huge numbers of women are coming out of poverty into the middle class and beyond… Many of these women are choosing to spend on luxury goods.” [New York Times]

The new status quo for rising CEOs, what it takes in today's world. [WWD]

“Retailers are on a crusade to redefine the consumer shopping experience. In recent months, major department stores and footwear chains have announced plans to invest heavily in omnichannel initiatives — programs that aim to merge their different sales channels and create a universal shopping experience.” [WWD]

Lucky is putting a Pinterest board on their website for bloggers, but the photos that you see will ‘hand selected' by the Lucky editors. [Mashable]

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