Droid vs. iPhone: A Fashion Blogger’s Comparison

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Last week, I ventured uptown to HTC's launch party of their latest HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE phone. As a gadget-fiend, I was probably too excited to see the debut of this sleek model but what can I say? Once a tech nerd, always a tech nerd.

Anyways, after checking out the phone, I was left with a major dilemma. Why? Because I'm an iPhone lover, through and through. Ask anyone in the office, I'm glued to my phone.  However, the problem is that I've now seen what life is like outside of the iPhone world. And I kind of like it.


The three main reasons why I might be switching my loyalties to the Droid?  Speed, size and camera capabilities. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE boasts a lighting-fast network that allows me to access my Instagram content, emails and Twitter feed at the swipe of a finger. No, but seriously. This thing is super fast and, in comparison, can load in a second compared to my iPhone which takes 5-10 seconds longer.

Another great characteristic of the Droid Incredible 4G LTE is its size. The 4-inch display is pretty large, compared to the iPhone's 3.5-inch display, which makes viewing photos and video easier. Also, weight-wise, the Droid Incredible weighs 4.66 ounces whereas the iPhone weighs 4.88 ounces. Seems like a minor difference, right? Wrong. That .2 ounces makes ALL the difference, especially if you have a case on your phone. Nothing is worse than walking around town with a heavy bag that is packed to the brim.



Last, but not least, let's talk about the Droid's camera. Because it is amazing. Sorry, iPhone, but the Droid is beating you to the punch. The poor 5-megapixel iPhone camera just can't compete with the Droid's 8-megapixel camera. Plus, the interface on the Droid is much more user-friendly and doesn't take as long to load. AND! If you want to switch between camera and video, it button to switch modes is right near your finger. I know, small but major detail that the iPhone overlooked. Definitely makes it easier if you are shooting video at a runway show as you can toggle back and forth between modes in a hot second.


Oh, and can we just say that Verizon might be the better wireless carrier in the city? Sorry AT&T, but your dead zones are killing me.


The Droid Breakdown:

  • It's light. Like really light. Like light enough to fit in your teeny-tiny clutch that you bought especially for NYFW.
  • Bigger display, which means viewing photos and videos is better. And you don't have to squint to get a better view.
  • Much faster load time. Time is of the essence, people!
  • Same apps as the iPhone but better network. Honestly, the load time for Instagram makes me want to cry sometimes and I blame AT&Ts awful network. With the Droid, I can upload my photos and check my feed 10 seconds faster than the iPhone.


The only downside to the Droid is its impossible small keyboard keys. I guess it takes some getting used to but nobody has that small of fingers. Sorry.


What do you think about the Droid? Are you planning on making the switch? If you already have a Droid, share your feedback in the comments!


Disclosure: IFB was given the Droid Incredible 4G LTE by HTC to review but IFB mailed back the sample product after testing the camera. We were not paid for this review.



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28 Responses

  1. Emma D. Enriquez

    This is a controversial subject with some of my friends – great post! Thanks!

  2. Zoobia

    I’m in the market for a new phone, and I’m leaning towards android. Everyone I know has iPhone, and they all talk a big game, but I don’t understand why people limit themselves to one brand. Apple has always been great at attracting brand loyalty, but there are many options for consumers to choose from these days. I’d rather pick the best phone for my needs and wants, instead of enslaving myself to one brand just because of a name or status. Droid is calling, and I am definitely listening!

    (no offense to Apple or its users)

    • Wil Harris

      I agree with you @Zoobia! I was debating between the i Phone or the galaxy s3. I totally made the right choice with the s3! My cousin was trying to convince me to get the iPhone (he’s a loyal iPhone fan). To me there really was no competition.

  3. Cynthia

    I don’t think it’s a fair review, since the current iPhone isn’t on LTE. Just my personal opinion, though.

    • Dalamar

      I’d say that is part if the point. Apple had the opportunity to integrate lte on the iPhone 4s but did not. However, even on wifi instagram still loads faster on Android.

    • sean

      that’s the point apple makes themselves look like they’re sooo good when their tech is way behind and given the tiny screens and severe lack of specs and then theres the fact on android you can pretty much customize anything and everything unlike iphone which is what buy is what you get and thats that! apples hitler method of making phones dont work for thinking ppl!

  4. Auie

    Awesome post! thanks!

    I’m looking for a new phone as my phone’s been given away to my sister. I was planning on waiting for the iPhone 5 coz I’m an apple junkie from laptop down to phone. But seeing as iphone costs and always upgrades, sometimes it feels like there’s a need to change. Hopefully this one’s available in New Zealand so I can take a look and decide. But thanks!

  5. Melinda

    I used to be an iPhone user but upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 2 last year and I am converted for the same reasons you like the Droid – Better camera, much lighter (when I first got my Galaxy it felt like one of those pretend display phones!) and bigger screen.

    It will be interesting to see the new iPhone when it is released, they really have to step up if they want to keep dominating the smart phone market.

  6. Tian

    I’m an iPhone user and I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it. The size of the screen is one problem for me. However, I do love the simplicity and intuitiveness of using the iPhone and having access to all the amazing apps. Not only the range of apps, but the quality. I must say that I find the Twitter app in the Apple app store to be a lot better. Another factor is that I’ve heard most Android phones don’t fare as well under the bright summer sun as iPhones do. I like to do a lot of my research and brainstorming for blogging outside on my phone. I guess it’s hard for me to make a fair comparison as my experience with Android phones is relatively limited.

  7. Gabby

    I haven’t tried any other cell phone but the iPhone. I have been an Apple user for almost 4 years, and I’m happy with that. I think that if I switch from an iPhone to Android, it will be a huge shock. Amazing post, though!

  8. Ariana

    Whilst this review is strictly focusing on one specific line of Android OS based phones , there’s a huge variety of other Android phones.
    As part of my job I get to to enjoy both worlds as I work on mobile app development for both platforms and get to test all the features both systems offer.

    When I had the opportunity to replace my mobile phone a few months ago I had many debates with myself whether to get an iphone or an Android phone, I chose to go with Android as I found its more customisable and allows deeper integration with the apps on my phone, allowing me to instantly share documents or photos using the full range of apps on my phone. In addition as I had experience using both iphone and android phones as part of my work and felt nothing could beat the option of having a larger screen and bigger display, not to mention better camera features.
    It’s really valuable when you need read and reply to emails , edit documents and images on the go and even view maps and directions without straining your eyes too much.

    At the end it I think it comes down to personal preferences and I know many iphone users experience a little bit of a shock when switching from iphone to Android so both have their pros and cons.
    My recommendation when deciding which one to get is to try and test both side by side if you have the option, only then you can truly see the difference and find out which device work best for you.

  9. Kayla

    This is a great post–I always think there’s something outside the iPhone world that I would love, but never get the chance to try. I blog about fashion technology, so this is a major point I think about all the time. iPhone is the most ‘stylish’ phone at this point, but we all know that soon the inevitable switch will happen. We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

    • Dalamar

      Have you never held a Galaxy Nexus?
      Its button less curved screen is a thing of beauty, and the stock Android experience is Way hotter then IOS

  10. Angela P

    You keep speaking about speed, but the that’s based on the NETWORK someone is on not the actual phone. If they’re on AT&T with an iphone or a Droid it’s going to be slow. The iphone itself isn’t slow, it’s the network. I know because I’ve tested both phones on both networks it’s my job to do that for the company I work for, which does nothing but tech reviews.

    Also as someone pointed-out it should be note that the iphone isn’t on LTE. This should be noted when reviewing a phone product.

    The iphone revolutionized the game and while some come along with “better” ideas, that’s expected, but when you review a phone all the aspects need to be weighed against each other. The fact remains some people will never convert and much of this iphone vs Droid is like comparing Canon to Nikon, some people just like one over the other and neither are inherently bad.

    • Jay

      You’re right, but in the interest of speed it’s in the specs of the phone processor too! With each phone, no matter what OS, it will be slightly faster. Some functions are not only compared with network functions, but “local” functions as well (when the phone doesn’t require a network). Never say never; some people may switch… or experiment! (:

  11. Dalamar

    To the OP, if you don’t like the keyboard, get another keyboard. That’s the beauty of Android. You can customize it to your personal preference. Don’t get me wrong, I like the iPhone, but I love the differences I can get with android.
    Pull 100 iPhone users and snapshot their home screens. Now do the same with 100 Android users. I can guarantee you will have 80 iPhone screen shots that looks nearly identical whereas you would be lucky to find more then 5 Android screenshots that look alike.

    What I find amusing is that a lot of iPhone users think they are using 4g. Also, most iPhone users’ point to choosing iPhone is “it just works”. As if to imply that android requires some sort of tech sorcery to get it to work. I swear that’s the answer that I always get when I question a preference to IOS vs Android.

    To each their own

  12. Cathy

    I have the 3G HTC Droid. I love it. And I am anxiously waiting for our “new every two” to come up so we can upgrade to the 4G. On a side note . . . I don’t have a phone cover. And I have dropped my phone numerous times. . . it’s gone sliding across the patio in the backyard, it’s done somersaults on our wood floors AND. IT. STILL. WORKS. Without a problem. . .except for the scratch on the screen, but hey, I can deal with that.

  13. Seth

    If you don’t like the keyboard on an android phone you can just change it. There are plenty of good options on the market like swiftkey. I didn’t even consider an iPhone for my last upgrade because of the small screen and the lack of LTE.

  14. Ashley GaGa

    I’ll probably never leave my iPhone. Two reason’s why:
    1. It’s safer. So many of my Android friends complain about viruses on their phone. They download a rogue app and it damages everything they have saved on the phone. If that happened to me, I would die! Fortunately, Apple has a much better security system when it comes to apps.

    2. Apple makes it so easy to sync everything together. My computer, iPad and iPhone all work together…wirelessly. It’s like having my office with me wherever I go. And I’m never at a loss for anything. That convenience can’t be replaced with an Android.

    But to each their own. I’m glad people are interested in Android. That way, the lines for the new iPhone won’t be so long. LOL!


  15. Cristel

    Just about everyone in my family has iPhone, even my 11 year old son. I thought about getting one but I’m sooo glad I didn’t!! I love my HTC One X its the best phone in North America I think 🙂 I love that I can take pictures while I’m recording video! The camera is amazing! iPhone doesn’t have NFC, which will allow you to pay by just tapping your phone. I can use my cell at a WiFi hotspot to for my laptop which is neat too, my son actually has me turn it on in the car so he can use it for his iphone 🙂 I love the friendstream app too which came with my phone, it shows Facebook statuses and tweets all on one page <3 Those are a few of my favourite things. The battery does suck if you use it for hours on end. But I can make it last up to three days if I'm not constantly using it! There's nothing I can't do with my phone! Except facetime maybe LOL!! Like Angela P said speed depends on the network, but when there is network it is fast!!

  16. Jay

    I’m a die hard Android user and I love it! I currently use a Droid Pro which isn’t the latest or coolest model, but I still love it! I really wanted to BlackBerry look and key board! Angela is kinda right too, it’ll depend on the network, but as a geek you know that the specs in the phone will make it faster too!

    You make me what to upgrade my droid!


  17. Kashara of Undiscovered Worth

    I’ve been a pretty loyal iPhone user for a while now. Just a couple of days ago, I decided to switch to Android (Motorola Atrix HD) and NEVER looked back. Everything is just faster and the screen is much larger which is perfect for blogging. I do feel kind of guilty switching over after being such a huge defender of the iPhone, but I definitely think Android has Apple beat with better mobile blogging quality. 🙂

  18. Jummy

    The iPhone 4S has an 8 megapixel camera so that might put both phones on more equal footing.

  19. Paige Ruppert

    The new iPhone 5 is supposed to have a bigger screen. Weird I know, but it’s true, so that’s one problem down. Apple HATES marketing anything less than Samsung so I’m sure each of these issues will be taken into consideration by the Apple team. Hang in there, the new iPhone shouldn’t disappoint 🙂