The Social Newsroom: Why You Need to Plug In to Get Your News

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For the past four days, I've been glued to my computer, and not for the typical reasons (shopping, blog-reading, more shopping, celeb gossip). No, I've traded in my previous Internet-surfing ways and instead have focused my attention on social media and all things Olympics. Never before would I have thought that social media would replace the traditional news broadcast but I'm saying it now: social media is the newsroom.

It's a lofty statement, I know. Especially for me, who used to be a news junkie, grew up with Diane Sawyer and Tom Brokaw, even dreamed about entering the world of broadcast journalism. But my, how the tables have changed. The simple fact is, my time is more spent on the internets and social media. And, to be honest, my television is currently collecting dust and I don't even know where my remote is. I can't decide if it makes me sad or if I'm okay with this shift in my news-consumption habits.

However, especially with the Olympics upon us and NBC's unfortunate decision to delay broadcasting the games until primetime to generate more ad revenue, social media is where the news culture is thriving. Side note: whoever's brilliant idea it was to spoil the Missy Franklin race by airing a Today Show promo featuring gold-medal winner Missy Franklin literally minutes before the race even broadcasted should be fired. We're talking real-time updates, inside information, exclusive photos. If you don't believe it, plug into your Twitter feed at around 2pm EST and watch the array of Olympic-tweets flutter around the world. Who won the latest match? Which team beat the rest? What's the latest medal count? No need to go to the NY Times; just go straight to the source and follow their Twitter feed.

What does social media's changing role signify for you, the blogger? It shows that more people are using the networks, with Twitter announcing over 500 million global users as of earlier this week. It's where you want to be, as both a consumer and producer of content. Second, it signifies the importance of having an updated stream with clear, concise content that gives your readers new information and blog-related content. Lastly, this shift in consumer behavior screams social media's importance in society's life. Before once thought of as a platform for kids to play on and meet people (Friendster anyone?), social media is a place where everyone who is everyone is on and chatting.

So, which accounts do you need to know about? These are the ten Twitter accounts I turn to for up-to-date news updates and all things pop culture and world issues:

1. Michael Rolston, Social Media Producer for the NY Times: From the NY Times HQ, Michael delivers 24/7 updates and the latest news from all around the world.

2. Elizabeth Holmes, Style Report for the Wall Street Journal: For all things straight from the runway and showroom, follow Elizabeth. Plus, she likes to talk pop culture and who didn't love her funny Olympic's Opening Ceremony live-tweets?

3. Eva Chen, Beauty Editor for Teen Vogue: Considered one of the leaders in the beauty industry, she has got you covered in terms of new products, fancy campaigns and product press events.

4. Abby Gardner, Site Director for Marie Claire: From the breakup of Robsten to fun, quirky social media updates, she's my resource for all things pop culture.

5. FashionETC, fashion-meets-beauty website: It's a fun site that we are constantly looking to for updates and they keep their twitter feed mixed with new posts and breaking news. Think WhoWhatWear and Fashionista.

6. Lauren Indvik, Media and Retail Reporter for Mashable: Fashion, retail, media and all things digital, Lauren is the lead reporter for Mashable and I follow her feed to stay-in-the-know.

7. Into the Gloss, Beauty Editor/Blogger: We talk about Emily Weiss and her blog a lot and for good reason. She not only creates new exciting beauty-related content but attends insider events and shows and reports about them in her feed. It's like you are there with her, sort of.

8. Comfortably Snug, Anonymous Financial Insider: I don't often get serious with politics and finance here but guys, the world is changing rapidly and it's your obligation as citizens to stay connected. ComfortablySnug gives us just enough news without getting too heavy, which is what social media is all about, right?

9. Guest of a Guest, NYC-LA digital publication: The LA/New York nightlife scene is insanely crazy and I literally can't keep up with the information most days. Thankfully, GOG gives me everything I need to know, from restaurants to new influencers. Plus, they are nice and I need a dose of niceness when it comes to LA/NYC nightlife.

10. Cathy Horyn, NY Times fashion critic/reporter: You can't talk fashion without highlighting Cathy Horyn, legendary NY Times reporter. If there is only one fashion feed you should follow during the upcoming fashion week's, it's Cathy's.


A part of me is sad to feel this growing detachment to the news stations (adios Matt Lauer!) but another part of me is extremely excited for the future. Nation lines are being broken down, people are liberated, gatekeepers are abolished. Hello revolution!

Do you turn to social media to get the latest news? Are you always plugged in? Or do you still prefer newspapers and new broadcasts?

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  1. Rahul.K.Soni

    One of my client launching a new product, we want to know how can you help us?

    Let me know.

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  2. Kathleen

    I work in a newsroom and generally can get scoops from Twitter before our wire has it/know what’s going on before our news managers.

  3. Adorngirl

    Of course for the longest time I have always told people twitter is my newspaper I can access it in seconds and nine times out of ten I hear about something through twitter first not just fashion news but everything I knew about the tragic news of the footballere collapsing before my husband who is a huge football fan. thanks to Twitter by the time of a tv broadcast it is old news.