What The Hospitality Business Can Teach You About Blogging

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At first glance, the hospitality business and the fashion blogging business may not seem like they have a lot in common. But after thinking more in depth about some of the topics I brought up in this article in regards to the fantasy element of blogs, I've realized that type of thought put into building a restaurant or hotel can be applied to fashion blogs, too.

The Details of the “Feel”

From the herbs found in the food to the tiles on the bathroom floor, well achieved hoteliers know that the details can make the utmost difference in creating a comfortable world for their customers. The same can be true to bloggers — from the color of your font to your photos, the details that you chose to have on your blog can make or break how people feel when they see it. Quality content is of utmost importance, but if your homepage feels outdated and incohesive, they will most likely be clicking out before even taking the time to explore what you have to offer. The same is true about a restaurant — if you walked in and the chairs were on top of the tables, you would find it to be an uncomfortable space and leave!

Escaping Reality

The reason we visit hotels and restaurants is to escape from reality for a moment in time. The same can be said for fashion blogs — the general audience reading blogs is doing so to have  a mental escape into a different lifestyle than the one they are living. And how do hotels facilitate this escape? By not letting their customer base think too hard about the atmosphere they are in. This also upholds in fashion blogs; if you're hyperlinks are easy to find, as is your previous content, “about me” section, and any other features you may have, it will alleviate any frustration your reader may have. See yourself as a service to your readers — your content should be easily navigable.

Keep Them Coming Back

What do people in the hospitality business do to keep customers coming back? Well, a lot of things. But one thing in particular is that they find something that sets them apart from other businesses, whether is be their chocolate cake or amazing views, and highlight it. You can do the same with your blogging business — highlight your niche as a reason why readers should stay loyal to what you have to say.

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9 Responses

  1. WorkOfStyle

    I love the parallel that you drew between blogging and hospitality – the similarities may not be obvious at first but when you think about it, those that you underlined are very true. Always give your readers quality, clarity, be organized …

  2. Natasha aka SNOWBLACKBLOG

    Though this may be off the track a bit, I am seeing a lot of bloggers incorporate hotels stays into their blog posts. Granted some of the big names are sponsored by the hotel to stay there for free and blog about it, but for me, I like to discover new hotels because I travel a lot and love staying in nice hotels 😉

  3. Toni Styles

    Love this article! Such good advice – are blogs are indeed like a hotel or welcoming the reader into our homes; from the moment that get to the front door they should look forward to being inside and unwinding in our unique environment. Every house or blog should offer something different! xo

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

  4. Aworkzone

    hospitality and blogging first seems to be not even related to each n other but when you think about these two then you would astonished as they are too close to each other…excellent effort to draw our attention here.

  5. Kier Mellour

    I would find this artical more helpful if maybe it took a popular and well known blog and broke it down to show the things, similar to hospitality on their blogs that are what they’re doing right.. saying “highlight your niche” is good, but what constitutes as a niche- and not just another part of your blog- or better yet, how to recognize ones own niche. regardless, thank you- at least I’m thinking about it…