IFB Project #59: The All-Shoes-One-Photo Challenge

Bare with us, you guys, we've had a bit of a crazy idea here in the office. We decided this week that we wanted to pose a very specific (but SUPER fun) challenge to you: We want to see ALL your shoes in ONE photo.

IFB Project #59: The All-Shoes-One-Photo Challenge

We don't care how you do it. Throw them artfully on the ground. Display them nicely in your closet. Have them “walk” down your stairs. We want to see as many of your amazing shoes as possible in one photo. No cheating, no Google-searching, just you, your camera and all those fancy flats, stilettos, wedges and platforms. Submit your post below by Tuesday August 7th at midnight!



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17 Responses

  1. Shasie

    Haha! I will really have to try this…but that’s a lot of shoes to try and organize together…can we put photos together? lol

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. ChasingSheila

    Loved working on this project! I submitted my entry “HEART and SOLE.” For more blogs please visit and join my site – chasingsheila.blogspot.com

    Will there be a challenge project for handbags, or watches, or eyeglasses/sunglasses> My creative juices are flowing. Thanks IFB for the motivation!


  3. WorkOfStyle

    Oh damn I missed the deadline x) well, I did the post anyway 😛