How Instagram Ruined My Blog

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Yesterday, my sister sent me a photo she had taken of me getting ready for school one morning in 1993. It was really nice to see that photo, reminding me of all the great photos she took for her photography class, and also that I used to wear Doc Martens. Instead of writing a blog post about my teenage style, I posted it on Instagram.

I love Instagram. I really do. But it has ruined my blog. I haven't posted any personal style outfits since May and I'm dragging my feet about doing so. When it comes to Instagram, I love it. It has become the place where I share my new purchases, randomly beautiful moments, and outings on the town.

Instagram has forced me to rethink my content. When I used to post a new pair of shoes or a new necklace, I now Instagram it. If I go to a boutique and see something darling, I want to share it right away. If I go to an event, I don't know if I want to blog about it, but I'll certainly snap an Instagram. So then, what's left? To be honest I really don't know.

There are a couple of reasons why my original blog is on hiatus, one being the attention being paid to IFB. But the other reason is that when it comes to sharing my personal style and inspirational tidbits, Instagram feels a bit more authentic, spontaneous and yeah, maybe I don't need to write 200 words on why I think a pair of shoes are cute.

Instagram hasn't created the death of fashion blogs, but the platform as caused a rethinking of what is exactly post-worthy. Perhaps it just means it's time to create deeper content than just a quick statement about what I'm wearing at the moment.

How has Instagram changed your blogs content?

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  1. beautifulfall

    This is great comment on the progress of technology and and it’s infiltration into our daily life. Instagram has certainly changed the fashion blogging game as you now see people often making posts dedicated to their instragram photos entitling it “My Life through Instagram Part 1, Part 2……”. As a photographer I have been having an issue with the way that Instagram is treated as a legitimate photography outlet. People are following instagram blogs, using their instragram photos as the only source of photo for their personal blogs, and now the current contest of Video of my fashion only allowing you to use your phone instead of a DSLR or video camera.

    Recently National Geographic has banned people from submitting instagram photos to their website and that has made a huge statement on how many people treat instagram as a real photography outlet. Yes, it has cool effects and is made easy to share but does that mean that you should spoil a good blog post for the instant gratification of sharing that photo with all of your friends and family to see instead of maybe taking the time to plan a shoot with the item you are instagraming?

    Overall it’s not that instragramming is ruining the fashion blogging community, but that the fashion blogging community is abusing instagram. We’ve been able to take pictures on our phones for years now but that doesn’t mean we shared all of those photos. It has only recently become an “acceptable” (and I use that word loosely) outlet through instagram to be able to share them on a professional platform. To say the least instragm isn’t ruining your blog, laziness is.

  2. marina miouprincess

    I love instagram and yes,I do tend to post snapshots there more often instead of taking the time and effort to write a post,but it also works the other way round,giving the opportunity to make a post out of several instagram photos,which I see more and more often.Instagram is spontaneous and I like the fact that you can be a little more personal,whereas I don’t really like seeing random posts about cooking/pets/family life on a fashion blog,for example.It’s more about finding which platform represents you best,I like to think of it as blogging in mini-doses! 🙂

  3. Migdalia

    Instagram has made me blog way more. I create Instagram specific posts that get the most traffic to my site. I have been really excited to implement this evolving and growing platform to my blog! It just takes balance and a little content creativity!


  4. Vivian

    Well, though I jumped on the Instagram wagon pretty late (more or less when Instagram went Android as well) I was completely overwhelmed as well by its power.
    By thw way, it had the complete opposite effect on me and my blog! I started having pleasure in sharing tiny bits of my life again, and that’s a thing I had lost while struggling to make ends meet in the last year. I almost completely stopped blogging before Instagram came into my life!
    Then I started considering it again, and it was thanks to Instgram.
    I really love the app, and as all things, there are people using it in the right way and people who def don’t. The thing is getting the right balance in everything in life, and social media are a very delicate issue! I agree with the content thought: all of this 160 characters and instantly shared pictures are telling us something! Do share things immediately when you can, but make more effort on a deeper content when it’s about your blog! I’ve never liked blogs posting only pictures and a few words anyway. Now, there’s Instagram for it!

  5. Kristian

    Well, everyone’s milage may vary, but personally, I use Intagram on my blog. I use instagrams, but not on all posts. I only use them on certain, reoccurring series as a way to get a peek into my life. Most of us have seen similar series on other blogs. These posts are often among my most popular ones, but I do use a camera and the photos taken with it on other blog posts. It, like all other social media and technology, is merely a tool that you choose how to use. For example too, I use the instagrams on my blog, but don’t follow very many people (and hence don’t have many people following me either) because that’s not how I’m choosing to use it.

    The idea that instagrams are not as good of photos is one I find a little strange. There’s a big fad for toy cameras, but those can be expensive. Provided you have a phone that supports apps, Instagram is free and allows people the fun to play with that trend without spending bucko-bucks. The latest smart phones have the same or better photo quality as a point and shoot. Its not a DSLR, but neither is it pretending to be. Its was built to imitate toy cameras; use the tool as intended and you have a fun outcome.

    I like the idea of people getting fired up for “deep content” on their blogs for whatever reason though, so I’m glad people are getting fired up for good content. (though, I’ll admit I’m not sure what’s wrong with posting about what you’re wearing, which was an example of not-deep content in the article, if you are a personal style blog….)

  6. meligrosa

    there are some of the rapid and instant pace of instagram that i dont like, for example looking for a foto/person/second of memory in my 301st ‘liked’ foto.
    I’m not sure if I’m the only that has noticed this, but it does bug me that I cant see fotos/people that i liked once 300 fotos ago.
    so in a way, there is no memory/history trail.

    that inability has made me not put so much energy into ig.
    sure is super fun and addictive, but i have more than just an image to say often.
    the audience of the blog does follow for its observational + design factor, and it defiantly not based on how cool or fast i can post a square format foto.
    ig is fun, sure i love it, but i keep it as a trek-tracker, if that makes any sense – and strictly to mobile fotos, places im currently at. the rest of thoughts, longer posts and local reports on things i do outside of my phone go on a well redacted blog post.

    great point and raising questions and good feedback, as always jennine <3

  7. LaTisha

    I can somewhat relate to this. In the time that I’ve worked with blogs & social media, microblogging is great because gives us bloggers the opportunity to instantly share, on the spot, right when the people want it, without having to upload, format, add text, make it authentic – you get it.

    On the flip side, one of the things helping me is knowing the goals I have in mind for I wouldn’t say a blog is ruined by using Instagram, but the direction of how your readers and followers obtain information from you is changing.

    For BlushingBlack & Instagram, I have figured out the best strategy as to what’s the major platforms get the most out of me and which ones do not. Instagram is great in case I want to use it for a post or to simply engage socially, but it doesn’t hold precedence over my site. There are 10 j’trillion (yes, that’s a word) ways to engage in social media. You just have to find which ones are the best for you and your site without the chore of running all of them to feel “connected.”

    (t) @blushingblack
    (in) @blushingblack

  8. Ana

    I’m not an Instagram user, but I can say what it looks like from the outside: yes, it does seem like it’s emptying blogs.

    I subscribe to a blog and there’s not update in months, but the blogger’s Instagram is buzzing with action.

    It would be great if that (with other micro-blogging-related platforms, like Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest) would lead to more in-depth blog posts, because I love those, but I don’t think that’s going to happen for most people. They will just go the easier route (which doesn’t mean it’s “less-than”) and migrate to those other platforms.

    Those who’ll start writing more complex posts will mostly be the ones who would have chosen that route at some point either way.

    • Ally

      I agree with you. I find Instagram sometimes lazy on blogs. I prefer content where the user put time into the post and not just a picture of something they’ve Instagramed. Also I’m not a big Instagram user, so I may just be biased.

  9. Tomris (dejafashion)

    I can certainly sympathize with your perspective but I use instagram as a way to draw attention to my blog. I might give them a teaser on IG and invite them to see more with a link to my blog.
    Next time you’re at an event/store/photographing your OOTD, you could instagram it and tell people to check your blog tomorrow for more. Just an idea…

  10. Rebecca

    I think it goes along with your post about taking outfit photos to the next level. Blogging is ever-evolving and you can’t ever get comfortable doing what your doing. If Instagram is the new style post platform I think it was just serve to make us all think about why we’re posting and work to make everything we do a bit more interesting.

  11. Gabby

    Unlike you, I created my Instagram account before I created my personal style blog (after being on tumblr for 2 years). But I think it comes to a point in which you ask yourself what goes to your blog, and what goes to your Instagram. I personally like to post stuff on my blog and write about it that are fashion-related. And the books I’m reading, the food I’m eating, etc, goes to my Instagram. I only follow fashion bloggers on Instagram, and only a few people that I know in real life. I do it, because I’m curious about their interests besides fashion, anyhow, I’m not a big fan who take picture of everything (and you know what everythinggggg means)

  12. Heather Fonseca

    I like instagram. It’s fun. I don’t like it nearly as much as pinterest though, and so far I haven’t used any instagram photos on my blog, I just don’t think it’s that interesting, or maybe I don’t think my intagrams are interesting enough to float a whole post!
    Honestly, I don’t think anyones instagrams are interesting enough for a whoe post, and I tend to gloss right over the instagram posts on the blogs I read. Unless of course theres a real reason beyond “hey, heres my week in instagram”. It seems lazy to me.

    • Lauren Bennett

      I completely agree with you Heather!

      I tend not to read outfit posts on blogs where the writer simply lists where each piece of clothing was purchased. In my opinion that’s not blogging.

  13. Slim Paley

    I found this post both timely and interesting, having just written my 400th blog post using a combination of photos taken with my regular camera and Instagram pics.
    I did it as a way of ‘mixing’ things up rather than through any laziness. Though other social media platforms (if that’s the right terminology) i.e. Twitter, FB, Instagram and Pinterest are lots of fun, I still always save the best content and photos for my blog.

    In my humble opinion, I’d venture that Pinterest might be an even bigger threat to bloggers that don’t post a lot of original photos or content than Instagram.


  14. WorkOfStyle

    I don’t think it’s one or the other! I use instagram for things that would not fit into my blog or for sneak peaks (for example, if I bought 3 pieces of jewelry, I’ll instagram one and post the whole thing on my blog later). Plus, instagram can also make great blog posts. I love to do a post called “my week on instagram” once a week (or sometimes every two weeks) and I think people like those posts two. You can combine both but I really understand how instagram may really seem easier to go for!

  15. Lea Lillith

    I don’t have instagram nor an actual smartphone, which is quite good for me at the moment.
    That keeps me from being online 24/7 and my social life doesn’t always have to do with blogs or the interwebz..

  16. Mike Panic

    I’ve used Instagram to power a blog for me, while it’s a side-project for me, exists solely to publish my Instagram photos. Within 5 minutes of uploading to Instagram, the blog post is created automatically. The site is configured to be the only content, but it’s possible to add blog posts to an existing content too.

  17. Erika

    I am kind of new to blogging and I am finding Instagram is fitting in quite well with my blog. It helps sometimes to come up with an idea, and I am getting a chance to use some of those pics from my feed that were even taken last year. I can see, though, how using Instagram can kind of mess some posts up.

  18. Janelle

    I just got onto Instagram yesterday and can certainly agree with this post. While it’s important that as bloggers we find ways to integrate the platforms together, I find Instagram to be a better fit in my stressful and busy life. I find it easier to snap meaningful pictures that convey who I am as a person versus creating a blog post. However, I do believe that my blog gives me more of a voice and identity. Therefore, keeping my blog alive is definitely something that I am mindful of.

    Instagram: mygirlparty


  19. Sarah's Real Life

    I think it’s OK to take what you post on Instagram and put it on your blog later. At least in my case, only a few friends follow my Instagram feed. There are plenty of my blog followers who would never see my Instagrams anyway. I started a weekly feature that I usually post on the weekend called “My Week In Over-Processed Photos.” I make a couple collages of my Instagram and PicFx photos and add some short captions. I’ve seen similar features on lots of other blogs, as well.
    Don’t let Instagram ruin you!!! Haha 🙂

    Sarah’s Real Life

  20. Fetishists Notes

    Great post and interesting point you make here.
    I personally love Instagram because it lets me share things that in my opinion cannot make a post. It can be something I saw and want to share instantly, like a fashion item i saw in a shop, cute moment, something funny, or just photos of shoes.. also to let Igers know there’s a new post on my blog. In my blog I either post outfit photos that take some more work and dedication than just a phone snap or I post complete articles, which I love doing, and microblogging certainly doesn’t fill my love for writing.


  21. Nefferth

    When I started using Instagram, it was a tool to be able to share my outfits daily and reposting a compilation on the blog. What happened was that my traffic/followers grew on Instagram and stalled on the blog. In a way, happy to gain followers but in the same breath not so happy with the silence. I’m too hooked on Instagram to let it go. So I;m thinking of making more preview shots without losing the personal touch. Time will prove how this shift will influence.

  22. Sarah/Destrehan's Daughter

    I don’t use instragram, and I wonder how much the people who aren’t using the system are now out of the loop with your content. I get why it’s fantastic and interesting but instagram has the same kind of unthought out post capacity as Facebook and that’s why I’m not on it. Just a point to consider.

  23. Stacey

    Well, I guess I’ll be the only dissenter here, but I find Instagram to be incredibly boring. All I ever see on there are pictures of cute shoes and lattes, and I could see those myself if I went to Nordstrom or Starbucks. And whenever I see one of those “My life through Instagram” posts I avoid it, because it’s pure fluff, and honestly the pictures aren’t even usually that interesting.

  24. Emily Ulrich

    I think Instagram has only enhanced my content. I always think in terms of what I want to share on my blog. However, sometimes, there will be shots I really enjoy, though am not necessarily interested in posting about. And, voila, I have some quality items to share on Instagram. I think of it as an extension of promotion, and a way of reaching new audiences.

  25. Kaitlin

    I completely agree. Not necessarily that it killed my blog because it has done nothing BUT promote it – however, I can understand where you’re coming from! I see it as a fun way of letting your readers in on your daily life – outside of the blog!

  26. Becky |

    I can 100% relate to this.

    I post on Instagram so often that I feel like if I blog about things afterwards I’m just duplicating content. Even if, for example, it’s an event I haven’t been to, every other blogger has shared their shots on Instagram so people have seen it all anyway.

    It’s frustrating but I just love Instagram too much to stop using it!

  27. sahra

    I felt this happening to me…It’s hard enough coercing someone around me to take outfit pics, but it’s just so easy to share with InstaGram. I took a step back, though, and now if I know I’m wearing something that will soon be on the blog, or if I’ve received a new package of a pretty dress, I post only a sample (IE: arm party, or the packing of the new piece) to InstaGram so there’s still some content available for the blog!

    XO Sahra

  28. Studs and Sapphires

    This article is great because it reflects the evolution of technology. It shows how our generation is constantly wanting instant gratification, which is what one gets when uploading a photo on instagram. It’s quick, easy, and your followers get a personal feel of your style, life, thoughts, etc. I can see both perspectives. One might just check instagram for an outfit post and be satisfied instead of scrolling to the actual blog to read about it in more depth. Also, one might see an outfit post on their news feed, love it, and become a new follower and definitely check out the blog. I am still new to Instagram and blogging so I am curious to how I will feel in a few months.

    Xoxo Lil

  29. Maria Losch

    I’m so glad I’m not the only feeling this way! Thanks for writing this article. I started catching myself in this same position and decided that I needed to have a list of blog topics written down for the week, that’s feasible of course, and reserve my Instagram for … oh say … arm swag of the day, what or where I had lunch, shoes I’m wearing that day, etc. After I create a style post for my blog, I’ll Instagram a photo from that post and make an announcement on Instagram “New Outfit Post today” – seems to be working for me so I don’t need an Instagramtervention.
    xo, M

  30. Lynnette

    This is something I’ve definitely been struggling with since I joined Instagram! I’ve noticed a definite decline in my blog content, especially in my outfit posts. It’s so easy to just take quick snaps and upload them to Instagram. Once the images are on there, I feel like it’s redundant to post them again on my blog.

    Sometimes for an outfit or event post, I’ll take a bunch of snaps with Instagram and only publish one of them as a teaser. The rest will go on my blog.

    My main issue is, when do I use Instagram and when do I use my DSLR? Both of them have their pros and cons, I’m just having trouble balancing that out and figuring out which is best.

  31. Bianca

    Totally agree with this post! Instagram also makes it hard on blogs because some “readers” only look through the pictures and don’t read what is written, so when I post something on Instagram they no longer have to click on the link to see the pictures. I love Instagram, but sometimes it’s blog suicide.

  32. Sabina

    I’m with Beautifulfall. Though I don’t even bother with Instagram, it’s safe to say many blogs are ruined by laziness, as well as people’s compulsive need to post, post, post constantly and remain connected half a dozen different ways to help spread the posts around. What is actually getting posted seems to matter less and less.

    • Lou Jones

      Agree with what Sabina has said here – imagine how many social platforms there will be online in the next three years – are bloggers going to join every single one of them just because they’ve been created? It’s like the onset of google plus, I’ve purposely ignored it – with blogger, twitter, facebook, tumblr and pinterest, I’ve got enough platforms to communicate through where I feel I can reach a good audience. I want to spend the time on my blog, not trying to keep up with endless streams of information.
      In your own best interests, your content should be on your blogs, not exclusively on instagram. I post to my blog then pin my things to pinterest once a month. I’d never put exclusive content anywhere else first but onto my blog – the other platforms should really be used for promotion of your blog; that way you protect your blog. Assuming you’ve spent a lot of time on building up your blog, why sabotage it by focusing your efforts on instagram? (By the way, I’ve nothing whatsoever against instagram, but if you own a blog, instagram is totally separate to it).
      I guess you need to find the balance between taking pictures of the little things for instagram and spending time to work on your blog. To be frank about it, if you’re wasting time posting pictures of cups of coffee to instagram then you’re clearly bored with your blog and don’t want to put the effort in anymore – rediscover why you set it up in the first place and do something to recreate some blogging magic! x

  33. OyVeyMyLife

    It seems to me that blogging in general is something that needs to be broken down and categorized. This applies to posts and marketing. How does one know how many blogs to comment on? Or what exactly to do on IFB? Or post on Chictopia and Lookbook? Then you have to decide where you post what. I feel like instagram is for posting random things like my morning latte or lunch. However, when I look at my blog I’m drawn to posting pictures of myself in outfits, or pictures of my nails with details on how that look was achieved. Also, if I bake a cake I’ll put it on my blog with the rercdipe, but if I bought the cake I may just instagram it.
    A good rule for me so far has been posting on my blog and then posting one of the pictures to instagram where my account is linked to Facebook, twitter, flicker and tumbler.

  34. Sephie Rojas

    I love Instagram myself, but I don’t personally own an iPhone or an Android phone *Gasp!Ohnoes!You’vegottabekiddingme!Shutup!* But yeah seriously, I don’t. I used my friend’s iPhone to sign up for Instagram before it errupted into the global media frenzy that it is today. So since I don’t own a phone with that app, I still get to use my point-and-shoot for my blogs.

    It’s the pros and cons of technological evolution, I guess? Although I know a lot of bloggers who don’t really say a lot about what they post; they just show a lot of photos to tell a story instead and insert snippets of their thoughts if they want. Besides, before there was Instagram, there was Facebook photo uploads and Twitpic, right? Instagram just has the perks of photo editing before you get to upload it without you having to open a different app to edit your photos.

  35. Isobel

    totally irrelevant, but you look so much like Audrey from Twin Peaks in that picture!

  36. Maggie

    I agree that Instagram is a great tool for quick and spontaneous content sharing, but I don’t think it should replace a blog. It’s just another social media medium like Facebook or Twitter. I love Twitter, but I wouldn’t focus solely on that over my blog.

    Totally unrelated, I think you look just like Milla Jovovich in that photo from the 90s. So weird.

  37. Lee Oliveira

    I think it really depends on what sort of blog you have. My personal experience with instagram has been very good. Being a streetstyle photographer, my blog is very visual therefore I use a lot of my Streetstyle photos on instagram and the response has been overwhelming. So much so that I have even gained work from brands that have found me on instagram. My blog traffic is also up since I started using instagram although it is hard to track whether it is actually coming from instagram as my stats don’t show any links from there. I even have people having conversations with each other on some of my instagram photos creating a little forum which I think is really interesting. I thought I would try to post some photos of myself on instagram but I didn’t get such a great response (sad face). There goes my personal style blogging career out the window…lol. I think people just know what sort of photos they are going to expect on my feed so thats why they like it. I think instagram is here to stay and I hope they don’t change it to much like that did with facebook.

  38. Anika

    Fortunately, I have a cell phone with some old software, no iPhone no android, so I don’t have instagram, otherwise I think that same thing will happen to me. I almost bought phone with android but gave up, just because I knew – if I get that phone, I’ll immediately install instagram, I’ll get addicted (and I am already tough internet junky)- no , no, no!!! Although I love all these effects, I more like to edit my camera taken photos (if I really need to) via picmonkey or photobuchet and then blog them! And I’ve noticed that even some established and worldwide known bloggers blog less than they used to before Instagram came in their lives

  39. tovah

    I don’t do Instagram but only because I haven’t even figured out how to use my camera and download pictures on my site.

    That being said, I love the Instagram pictures I see. It’s that “caught in the moment” feeling that really attracts me.

  40. Kurt Ellington

    ~ Hi Jennine ~
    Wow, this is a thoughtful & engaging post!
    It bitter-sweetly reflects the rapidly changing currents of our culture.

    I just discovered Instagram and Pinterest.
    Now more than ever, I’m embued to reflect my perspective more with digital photography.

    Thanks, I enjoyed your post, Kurt Ellington

  41. MercyJoy

    Hi i’m new to this blogger and now recently know what is instagram? So that i don’t have any Idea about your questions. If i know anything about instagram surely i’ll visit and give comments for this post.Thank you Buddy!!

    Get Instagram Followers

  42. FlyAndCaptureEveryMoment

    Randomly saw your post and your title captured my attention!
    It’s so true. Content overload… But in addition to that, it seems to take people away from using real cameras. Even though Instagram has many great functions and helps capture moments everywhere and anywhere, it just feels different. Guess that partly explains why there are so many spoof videos of Instagram:

  43. Robyn P. Yager

    I think there’s a time and place for Instagram. It’s definitely an amazing tool to share pictures while we’re on the go, but I don’t think it should replace blog posts.
    Maybe I’m just too much of a newbie in the blogging department when it comes to this, but sometimes I get the feeling that creating an entire post out of Instagram photos is kind of a cop-out. Like, when you need to post but have no content – just make an entire post out of photos that you’ve already taken on Instagram.
    For the time being I’m going to resist these kinds of blog posts but who knows I might give in at some point.
    -The Rain Season

  44. Jason

    Hey Jennine,
    Thanks for your thoughts. I was looking for a way to add an Instagram link from my relativley new blog and stumbled across your article. It made me think about where I wanted to focus, whether on a full blog entry, or spontaneous Insta-shot.
    It’s made me think and the comments above mine gave even more to ponder over. Thanks for the post.

    The Cheeky Daddy

  45. iuliana

    For me Instagram is a big help, i have an ideea I immediately share it on Instagram and get people interested , for me in a way It’s like my facebook page, it helps me to bring people to my blog, and i love it! The beautiful part of it is that you cand instagram every minute of the day if you want, but on my blog in my opinion more than 2 posts a day are …just to much!
    So…this is what I think! Hope you like my opinion and my blog and maybe folllow me on Instagram @iuliana_fs

  46. Shad Romero

    What are your thoughts on instagram users who post other users photos? What should happen in cases like this where people are attempting to make a following from others?

  47. Ladiva Castillo

    As starting blogger I can say I was a bit skeptical about Instagram and its benefits, but my opinion has changed. Instagram is helping me a lot to draw attention to my blog. I use Instagram as invitation tool, if you can call it that way. I do think a bit about what I publish on Instagram and try to avoid as much as possible all the cliches. I want my Instagram to represent me and what I love, remain authentic is essential. I limited the amount of pictures I published and if it doesn’t bring any value to my followers there is not need to publish it. I believe my followers are not interested in knowing if I buy flowers every single day or how many sugars I put on my coffee 🙂