Is The Fashion Blogging Industry A Small Town?

While the blogging community may be competitive one, I am here to remind you that it is still a community.

Naturally, every blogger wants to stay ahead of the game and make a name for themselves. But what's different about the fashion blogging industry is that while you may think it's large and vast, it's actually very, very small and very, very new in comparison to other industries — therefore, it's probably in your best interest to not cast off (or be rude to) other bloggers, no matter how big or small they might be.

Community and support are vital in the life line of blogging, here's my reasoning as to why:

Social media is a small town. Think about it this way: they say small town folk are nicer because they are most likely going to bump into you in the street again. In a place like New York City, you can flip someone the bird and have maybe a 1% chance of bumping into them again.

The same could be said with social media. Sure, it may seem like a good idea to tweet something rude to a blogger who annoys you — but you may have to pay for it in the future. The internet never forgets; you are completely accountable for everything you say on social media. It's not hard to take a screen shot of something said, Google quotes, and refer back to articles archived on social media. Heck, there's even websites that show what your design looked like back in the day. Save yourself some PR hassle in the future, and keep it “real” today.

Remember kids, no blog is an island. 

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14 Responses

  1. Miloveda

    I love this post and you guys are so right…Like my mom always says if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. (lol)

    • Ana Carneiro

      I couldn’t agree more! Unfortunately, as I get to know other blogs, with a lot more quality than the first ones that followed me and asked me to follow back, it’s getting harder and harder to like their posts and therefore I hardly ever comment on those blogs these days. They are simply not original, and one gets tired of always looking at the same things everyday!

      My Own Project

  2. helen at thelovecatsINC

    i definitely agree with this. i saw one blogger point something out (quite nastily) that she hated in a blog post, and then another ask if she was talking about her as it sounded very familiar to a recent post that she had done.

    i felt so awful for the other blogger! i checked out the post she was talking about and it was definitely about her, so unbelievably mean.

    the community is a very small world and things can travel very fast (especially on twitter), so i’d always be careful what you write!

    from helen at // @thelovecats

  3. Emily Jenny

    I agree 100% with this post. I think that there is SO much room for growth and a place for everyone in the fashion blogging sector, that’s what keeps me going.

    (That being said I have come across some EXTREMELY rude bloggers who feel entitled to everything. I find it funny that some of them are still the top bloggers…um they’re not even nice! So I keep it real by not following them. =)

    Emily Jenny

  4. Jade

    I agree! I love how nice, friendly and supportive everyone is in the blogging & Twitter community 🙂 When I talk about someone that I communicate with via Twitter (or social media in general) I generally use the term “Twitter Friend” as in – “My twitter friend gave me some great advice today” etc. The only place I’ve seen negative & bullying comments online has been in fashion forums from some people who feel the need to be right & condemn others for not agreeing with their opinions. But then again, the majority of people in those forums are really friendly & supportive 🙂

  5. Emily Ulrich

    It’s so true. And surprisingly enough, the fashion industry in general is very small. Or, at least, tightly wound; it’s based entirely on intimate relationship building. And the ability for immediate connection through social media has only emphasized that. Once you put yourself out there as a blogger (or as any public figure, really) you become automatically accountable for 100% of the things you say. Your tongue walks a fine line.

  6. Nathy

    Well said. If people in big cities are more rude to each other than they are in small towns, this effect is magnified online, where the element of privacy or anonymity armors commenters with the bravado to say hateful things about others (just look at any video on Youtube — that’s why they created the thumbs up or down features for comments). Thankfully, I haven’t encountered rude comments in the fashion blogging world (yet), although I have heard stories from other bloggers.

    I really hope that this community doesn’t lose its small-town feel (i.e., its lack of anonymity) as it grows.

  7. Jessie

    Never burn a bridge. Your contributor can end up as your boss. Plus, being a jerk only makes YOU look bad.

  8. Donna

    I agree completely. It is a small world and people tend to remember someone who criticizes them. Plus like Jessie said, it makes you look bad to others who read your remarks.
    I’ve worked in the employment law field, and believe me, everything you post online is looked at in a lawsuit, and possibly before you’re interviewed for a job. Saying nasty things might make you appear to be a negative or nasty person that an employee would rather not hire.

  9. CancunModda

    I wish that, starting from within the community, we would show the world IFB is a great family … I totally agree with what you are saying !! I´m from Mexico & love this blogger community, I´m new here, but im sure all of you are Fab Bloggers, Im going to learn with your Fashion blogs
    I invite you to follow me
    or email me at [email protected]

    I havo no followers yet at my blog xoxo Christina

  10. Studs and Sapphires

    I definitely agree with this article! I think whatever you blog or write about, you should be aware that one day somehow it can be found on the internet. They always say “don’t burn your bridges, you never know who might be your boss one day” Also, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t publish it publicly because out of the 9 nice things you might comment, society always remembers that 1 rude comment if made. Always keep it positive.

    Xoxo Lil