Wake Up Round Up: Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!


In the period ended July 31, the Italian luxury firm Prada saw revenues soar to 1.54 billion euros, or $1.9 billion, up 36.5 percent compared with the same period last year. [WWD]

Apple is looking to buy Pinterest rival The Fancy. [Business Insider]

How social networking can help you get a better job. [Mashable]

“Silicon Valley has long been known for semiconductors and social networks, not stilettos and socialites. But in a place where the most highly prized style is to appear to ignore style altogether and the hottest accessory is the newest phone, a growing group of women is bucking convention not only by being women in a male-dominated industry, but also by unabashedly embracing fashion.” [New York Times]

“We can expect the next Galaxy Note in late August, the next iPhone Sept. 12 and now, Nokia’s latest smartphone line can be expected as early as September at Nokia World, according to Bloomberg.” [Mashable]

Sikh temple shooting is an isolated act of terrorism in Wisconsin. [CBS]

Ghostbusters 3 is happening WITHOUT Bill Murry. [Huh]

A robot landing on Mars! [Reuters]

Montauk is banning fedoras — ok, not really but apparently there's too many hipsters there. [New York Times]

Meet Nina, Siri's cousin for apps. [Mashable]

Happy birthday Andy Warhol! [Tate]

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