IFB Project #59 Round Up: The All-Shoes-One-Photo Challenge

This week's project challenged our community to try and put all their shoes into one photograph, and share the results on their blog! Not surprisingly, you guys have a lot of shoes. Some of you have tediously organized closests (hello, jealous!) and some of you put your shoes in trees for us (that's amazing, by the way).

Here are our 10 favorite submissions for the All-Shoes-One-Photo Challenge: 

  1. Purple Bananas & Fudgeballs
  2. Wide Spread Acceptance
  3. Fashion Distraction
  4. Snapshot of Style
  5. Curls & Freckles
  6. 33 Avenue Miquelon
  7. Zamri's BigFatBlog
  8. Coeur d' Coeurs
  9. Lei-Ann… Off Duty
  10. Librarian for LifeStyle

Check out all the entries here, and check back on Saturday for a new project!

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10 Responses

  1. Cameron Miquelon

    Thank you for selecting my post for this project’s Top 10!

  2. Ally

    Holy god – I thought I had a lot of shoes. Nope, I do not. At all.

    Love the photos! Good job everyone!

  3. Erin

    Awesome job everyone, what a fun project. Did IFB do their round up for project #58 last week?