Qwiki Makes It Easy To Create Interactive Video Content

We've mentioned how adding other elements to your blog can keep your brand exciting, and there's a new free tool on the web that can help you do just that.

Qwiki is a new interactive editorial tool that let's you incorporate other digital elements into video clips as a way to increase engagement with your blog's audience.

Basically a Qwiki video is like a visual collage, incorporating video clips, links, text, images, tweets, maps into one unified experience.  You can narrate the video too, by using voice or visual narration.

Why it works for bloggers: 

– You can showcase elements of your social media and reference previous posts with links within your videos, driving traffic to them.

– It's a way to incorporate something different and fresh into your content.

– It doesn't take any crazy filming equipment, you can do it with a webcam that's already built into your computer.

– Qwiki is looking to launch a mobile app this October so you can even create videos on the go, which will be useful for covering events or for travel posts.

So I decided to put Qwiki to the test, and created a Qwiki about IFB Con. (Please forgive my flubbing, I didn't have much time to practice my on-camera skills.)

Play the Qwiki: IFB Con September 2012

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8 Responses

  1. FallForFall

    I’ve never heard of Qwiki before and first of all I’d like to thank you for introducing me to it. I really like the idea and you showed very nice example of what it could do in your video. I can’t wait for (hopefully Android) app!
    I will consider using it, for now I’ll let it rest in my bookmarks until I come up with project for it.


  2. Emily Lane

    Saucie Glossie is the perfect example for a great Qwiki channel! She is great on camera and has fun tips. I’ve considered doing video feed because of her and Andy Torres. I think they both have done some interesting things with video. I’ve also seen it fall really flat, though. There are some really boring videos out there that I feel were made just add video to the blog. All things considered, a video channel is something I would love to have, but I definitely want to do it right and make sure my brand isn’t compromised in doing so.

  3. Janelle Haley

    That is a pretty cool idea! I would love to try something like this one day, but I really don’t like hearing my own voice! Have to change that!

  4. MineyB

    I’m so excited about Qwiki.. I’ve never heard of it but I can’t wait to see how I can use it on my blog.