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For this week's “Ask The…” feature, we're talking with CA Creative, a New York-based creative agency that focuses on working with brands in the digital space. As you can imagine, this means a heavy emphasis on social media and blogger engagement. We got the scoop from CA on how they create meaningful projects, reach new customers and build engagement between blogs, brands and their audiences.

Can you tell us a little about what CA is all about? How do you curate which brands you represent? 

CA  Creative is a hands-on creative agency focused on growing brand identity and business by getting, and holding, attention in digital places.  We conceptualize and produce fresh online content and cultivate a strong social media presence for brands to engage users, build audience loyalty.

We’re lucky to be in the position where we can really pick and choose which brands we want to work with. We love working with companies that have a dynamic story and great products; brands we really believe in.  Currently we are working with Thakoon, Paige Denim, IPPOLITA , Carlo Pazolini, Joie, Equipment, and Dr. Jart+, among others.

What do you think about the role bloggers now play in the fashion PR landscape?

We think bloggers have become an integral part of the fashion PR landscape. Top bloggers are being treated similarly to fashion editors. They are often pitched new products and brand news as well as given access to top fashion shows and industry events. There are so many interesting men and women who have fashion blogs, so there is a lot of opportunity to get different perspectives on style, beauty, etc. Also, with the increasing popularity of social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, bloggers are able to give their fan base a look at their respective industries in real time.

Do you think bloggers can really drive purchases and influence customers? Any examples come to mind?

We definitely think bloggers have the potential to generate a lot of buzz about brands.  High traffic bloggers have large and dedicated audiences, and we’ve seen significant spikes in conversations about products that a blogger genuinely likes and is seen wearing.

For example, Paige Denim worked with Honestly… WTF to announce their partnership with Liberty of London. Honestly… WTF informed their audience about the details of the collaboration and gave readers a link to purchase the Paige x Liberty products, as well as an opportunity to win a pair of the shorts.  The exposure on the Honestly… WTF blog resulted in a ton of click-throughs to the product, as well as hundreds of comments about the collaboration. It was definitely a success in spreading the word about the latest Paige Denim products.

How do bloggers fit into your PR strategies at CA?

We always look to create authentic partnerships between brands and bloggers. It’s important to us that any blogger we bring on board to work with one of our brands is a good, organic fit. We make sure that they’re truly interested in the brand and excited to work together. It makes such a marked difference in the end result of the campaign. Once we find a good fit between a brand and a blogger, we concept interesting ways to produce unique content about the brand that also showcases the blogger’s personality and style.  Our goal is always to benefit both the brand and the blogger.

What are some projects you've put together with bloggers and brands? 

We executed “A Mother’s Love,” campaign and sweepstakes on the IPPOLITA Facebook page this past May to celebrate Mother’s day. Jane and Judy Aldridge (Sea of Shoes and Atlantis Home) served as brand ambassadors for the campaign, and helped spread awareness about the sweepstakes and IPPOLITA’s Mother’s Day gift guides. Their love of fine jewelry, exquisite taste, and great mother-daughter relationship made them a great fit for the campaign. We also had Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam, Christine Cameron of My Style Pill, Lauren Sherman from Lucky, and Samantha Yanks from Hamptons and Gotham share pictures of and quotes about their mothers and tell us which IPPOLITA pieces they were coveting. The campaign was a great opportunity for fans of IPPOLITA to engage with the brand, learn more about IPPOLITA, and get an exclusive looks at the mother-daughter relationships of top bloggers and editors.

We’re also currently putting together a really exciting blogger initiative with one of our other clients to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out. We can’t give too much away but I will say that the release of awesome new styles and two top bloggers are involved – so stay tuned!

How do you see the nature of relationships between brands and bloggers evolving in the future?

We think bloggers will continue to be closely tied to fashion brands and that we’ll find ever-evolving, innovative ways to work together. When it makes sense, the relationship is so mutually beneficial and interesting for audiences that it’s hard to imagine that it will lose any steam. It’s also exciting to look at how more and more brands are working with “micro-bloggers” as well—people with extraordinarily high followings on other social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, etc. There’s power in producing captivating content and being able to build an audience off of that, no matter how and where you choose to produce it, and we think that’s great. It opens up the field to a lot more people and personalities.


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  1. Toni Styles

    I think it’s wonderful that Bloggers have the amazing opportunity of working with agencies who can really open doors for them. I know, at some point I will be interested in seeking the assistance of an agency. It takes considerable work to gain recognition as a Fashion Blogger – if someone wants to help make it smoother, even if they seek profit from projects, it’s alright by me. Loved this! 🙂 <3