Wake Up Round Up: The September Issues Have Hit The Stands!

‘When John Fairchild, the tyrannical, mischievous editor in chief of Women’s Wear Daily and founder of W magazine, stepped down from his Fairchild Publications throne, in 1997, it was supposed to be a clean break. Fifteen years later, at the age of 85, the onetime terror of the fashion industry is still stirring the pot.' [Vanity Fair]

The fastest teen texter ever! [Mashable]

All 37 September issue covers (anyone else notice a lot of hot pink going on?). [Fashionista]

The influence of mobile on consumer behavior. [FMM]

Raf Simons teams up with Fred Perry for S/S13 [Dazed and Confused]

Ryan Lochte might ‘dive' into fashion… Grillz on everything! [LA Times]

‘Social media is a blogger's best friend' [Mashable]

Honey Boo Boo child is coming back… and it's terrifying. [Gawker]

East coast versus west coast mobile shoppers. [Mashable]

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6 Responses

  1. Lauren

    VF article on John Fairchild was fascinating. I assume the “nun with a knife in her habit” was Anna Wintour?

  2. Janelle

    Can’t wait to lay them out across the floor at Barnes and Noble and dissect them all!!!!

  3. TerranceJ

    I’m with Lauren! VF’s profile of Fairchild is eyeopening. That paragraph where he mentions his banter with Chanel mildly unflattering, but so genuine all at the same time. Great read!