IFB Project #60: Share Your Most Memorable Fashion Moment

Sometimes when you talk about fashion every – single – day – it can start to feel a little less special. Outfits lose their luster, runway shows blend together, and street style photos start to look all the same.

Every now and then though, something truly dazzling happens. You see it come stomping down the runway or scroll down your computer screen – or best of all – right in your own mirror.

IFB Project #60: Share Your Most Memorable Fashion Moment

We want to know: What was your most memorable fashion moment? It could be something you've seen or something you've worn, from a fashion show to a celebrity red carpet moment, or a special occasion for you. Tell us the story or share a photo, it's up to you! Share your link below by midnight on Tuesday August 14th.

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9 Responses

  1. Rachel

    I’m not sure if I could make a post about my moment, so I’ll just comment it instead; it was before I really got ‘into’ fashion and blogging, interviewing Erin O’Connor at London Fashion Week, first ever year I attended!

  2. themerchantproject

    such a fun project! I love to see what everyone is proud of. 🙂

  3. Nesrine

    I have to agree with Ivana, I’ve got the same feeling when wearing a new outfit and especially when wearing