What Watching ‘The Newsroom’ Has Taught Me About Blogging

Fact: I've been watching The Newsroom religiously every Sunday on HBO. And I've realized that mixed in with the mile-a-minute Sorkinisms, the various love triangles and love squares which mostly center around Maggie, the overly passive-aggressive arguing, and hundreds of times Charlie Skinner insists he will “punch [random character] in the face,” there are little  life lessons hidden within. I've uncovered a few of the gems; here's what watching The Newsroom has taught me about blogging:

Be honest

Remember when everyone thought Will McAvoy cheated on Mackenzie MacHale back in the day? But it drove Mackenzie crazy because SHE was the one who actually cheated!? She couldn't handle having a lie slandering Will's name, and so she tried to email Sloan the truth but accidentally emailed the ENTIRE building. She was embarrassed beyond belief, but her ethical compass made her tell the truth. The same should go with blogging — let your readers know when something was gifted, give them a head's up when a post is sponsored, and don't let your work with brands make you lose your voice.

Laugh at yourself

Ok, you know how everyone on The Newsroom can seem to laugh every once and a while at themselves EXCEPT for Don. Don't be the Don of fashion blogging. Whether you are reporting serious news or posing every day in front of the camera, don't ever take yourself too seriously. Remember why you blogging and why it's fun (instead of just dwelling on how you are subpar to your girlfriend's coworker).

Be responsible

When Sloan Sabbith gave up her “off-the-record” source on air, it caused a whole lot of drama in Japan and the United States — so much that the Japanese source lost his job and honor. Then, the question of ethics came into play when Will wanted her to lie on air about what really happened in order to save the man's honor. While Sloan was not happy about portraying herself as a fool, she did it anyway and learned her lesson. So, yeah, be like Sloan and learn from your mistakes and take responsibility.

Don't give up if it's something you love

Will McAvoy was publicly crucified for his politically charged outburst at a college panel, and since then targeted by the tabloids. But did he give up? No. He loves delivering the news to the people of the United States and will not let gossip get in his way.

Be ballsy

The whole premise of The Newsroom is based on having balls. (Figuratively, of course.) A rag tag group of  journalists thrown together to report the news in a way it's never been done before takes some guts — and you as a fashion blogger should use their creative and scrappy tactics to pull together a business that works for you. You never know where it may take you — you might even make it to primetime.

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7 Responses

  1. Rachel

    Can I just say how much I adore the show (I have been watching it that religiously too!) and therefore how much I LOVE the fact you’ve put this post together?!

  2. ivana

    Once again a truly inspiring article, with lots of tips and encouragement for bloggers, especially new ones like myself.
    Never give up and have a lot of fun doing it.


  3. Chemese

    I thought I was the only one obsessed with the show ‘The Newsroom’. Great tips

  4. Elizabeth Mayce: Love. Life. Beauty

    This was excellent!! I love the Newsroom too, and I love how you put this together. Everything you said was on point, great tips!!

  5. The Style Box

    I am absolutely in love with The Newsroom! I didn’t think it would be my sort of program but my husband made me watch it and now I’m addicted! Best thing on TV!
    I love that you’ve managed to take parts of the show and apply them to blogging – I especially like number four.