Bigger, Better, Bolder: Know Your Photography Basics

This is the next post in a very exciting series we’re bringing to you on IFB in anticipation of the upcoming #IFBcon. Each day in the month of August, we’ll have a different post designed to help your blog become – you guessed it – bigger, better and bolder.

If there's one topic we seem to harp on a lot over here, it's photography. We're fanatical about encouraging everyone to use all their available resources to make their blog's images the best they can possibly be. We tout the great results you can get with a DSLR, but we also want to highlight making the most of your Instagram photos or using your editing tools on your images, no matter what kind of camera has taken them.

With about three weeks to go before #IFBcon (have you bought your ticket, by the way?) it's a perfect time to brush up on your photography. Brush up on your skills now, so when you're out and about in New York, shooting street style at Lincoln Center or snapping candid moments at the conference, you'll have a treasure trove of amazing visuals to accompany your content.

Instead of pretending I'm the great photography expert of the bunch, I'm going to present you with the best and most helpful photography posts from IFB on everything from shooting to editing and beyond!

From our most recent ‘101' series:


Great photography posts from the past:


Editing Your Images:


Street Style Photography Tips:


The ‘Making Your Images Pop' Photo-Processing Series:


Digital fashionTo get your tickets, head to the Eventbrite page and buy either:

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6 Responses

  1. Rachel

    Thanks for bringing all the helpful posts to one place – makes everything easier to find!

    One question though: are there any existing posts on photography at fashion shows? As this is something I struggle with the most with my DSLR camera, I would really appreciate any help you can give.

    Thank you!


  2. Ana

    Woohoo! Now I don’t have to have a 100 bookmarks – I can have just this one and go from here 😀 .