Wake Up Round Up: J.Crew Taps Into Street Style Stars For Campaign

“London is a gilt-edged global hub for art and commerce. An undisputed heavyweight champ. But it is now also a genuine tech contender, a rise up the ranks that has been rapid and more than a little unlikely.” [BoF]

It's all street style stars and techy types in J.Crew's latest ad campaign, which includes David Karp, the founder and CEO of Tumblr, and Julia Sarr-Jamois, fashion editor for Wonderland. [WWD]

How to master the art of winning over Instagram followers, from a guy with over 46,000. [FMM]

“Ad-pages are up, but circulation is down. New titles are launching, but digital is increasingly driving content consumption. What does all this mean for luxury print media?” [Luxury Society]

“The Opening Ceremony mini empire of hipster emporiums and perpetual stream of catchy collaborations, turns 10 years old next month.” [WWD]

[Image credit: J.Crew]

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  1. Kholá

    I really like what J Crew’s doing. I surely hope that don’t go the celeb modeling. I’m one who actually wishes high end glossies would go back to actual models. Wishful thinking?