Wake Up Round Up: Condé Nast Releases Video Game, Fashion Hazard

Condé Nast's first ever video game, called Fashion Hazard, gives you a chance to be an amateur model. [Fashionista]

Scenes from inside the Chinese consumerist cultural revolution. [The Cut]

WTF is this Instagram map thing? [BuzzFeed]

“Investors aren’t the only ones reeling from the precipitous drop in Facebook’s stock: CEO Mark Zuckerberg also acknowledged to company employees earlier this month that the stock’s performance is ‘painful' to watch, according to a report.” [Mashable]

“British magazines posted a muted set of print circulation figures during the first half of 2012. Figures published Thursday by the U.K.’s Audit Bureau of Circulations showed that most women’s and men’s fashion and lifestyle titles either declined in circulation or grew only marginally. As a sector, women’s fashion lifestyle titles shrank by 5.1 percent compared to the same period last year, while the men’s lifestyle sector fell 1.1 percent.” [WWD]



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  1. TerranceJ

    I’m with BuzzFeed – while I appreciate the effort of the developers and the idea behind this Photo Maps tool, many of my followers are complaining of privacy issues (where tagging a photo allows for others to view your exact location – addresses, mobile numbers, etc). It’s proving to be a two-way street, so we’ll just have to see how this flies.

    On the subject of WWDs article, there was a video podcast of British Vogue’s creative head Robin Derrick that I happened to check out on iTunes (Fashion In The Digital Age) some months ago. Blogger Disneyrollergirl was also there in the discussion and offered highly insightful tips on digital media creation and curation of content. Both agreed on the point that fashion as a whole (relating to bigger publications and print) is becoming more democratized – so with publications only marginally increasing (or declining in that regard), it’s only natural for standards to shift and change.

  2. Whitney

    Maybe not the most fashion-related comment, but I think Facebook’s trouble is interesting. Social networking is fairly new and companies are still trying to figure out how to make money off of these social media giants (For example, Twitter.) As we know, Facebook uses targeted marketing. You “like” something on Facebook which helps specially tailor ads to users. More people are becoming aware of the way liking things on Facebook creates ads, so many users choose not to like things.

    The main problem though, most interestingly enough, is not people’s reluctance to like things on Facebook, but the fact that more and more users are accessing Facebook using their phones and tablets. Viewing on mobile devices leaves far less room for ads. Technology and they way we use it is everchanging and it is interesting to see how social media platforms change with technology and see the ones that are left behond because they are unable to adapt.
    p.s. I am super new to IFB so, hello everyone! 🙂
    – Bon Chic Bonne Vivante>

  3. Kholá

    I have yet to find a good fashion game. I’m not much of a gamer either so….. 🙂