IFB Project #61: “Be Uncommon” Win A Custom iPhone Case & A Ticket To IFBcon


This week's project is brought to you by one of our IFBcon sponsors, Uncommon. Uncommon creates high-quality personalized Apple device accessories using their proprietary 3D TATT and on-demand printing process to create durable, long-lasting high-resolution imagery on every product.

One of the bittersweet moments that comes towards the end of summer is the realization that fall is so quickly approaching. It's both exciting and a little sad, because we would love to hold on to the lightness and carefree dressing of summer – but fall is the start of the sartorial year. It's a time for fresh beginnings, fresh fashion and new trends for us to try out. We look forward to updating our fall wardrobe, but we can't always take on every trend in full-force.  Some we want to jump in with both feet (literally) and some we might just want to hint at, with a choice accessory or key piece.

This week's project is a special one – and a bit outside the box from our normal challenges. We want you to channel your favorite fall trend into one of our tech-y modes of self expression: the phone case. We're partnering with Uncommon for this project to launch their #getinspired campaign. To help kick it off – we're giving you the opportunity to inspire a custom iPhone case created and sold through Uncommon AND win a 2 day pass to IFBcon! Excited yet? Here's how it works – it's easy!


1. Gather 5-8 beautiful images of your favorite fall trend.

Pull together some photos, images and inspirations of a Fall 2012 trend that you would love to see brought to life through an iPhone case. You can make a collage, slide show, or just align them one after the other. (If you tweet or Instagram as you create, use the hashtag #getinspired!)

2. Write a few descriptive sentences.

Accompany your image collection with a couple of sentences that explain why you chose this trend and these images, as well as any ideas you have for the design of the case.

3. Create a post.

To enter your idea, create a post that includes all your images as well as the description you wrote, then submit the link in the Simply Linked widget below. (Your post creation can be as simple or as designed as you like, it's all about how you want to display your inspirations!)

What you win & contest details:

  • Submit your #getinspired post below by Friday August 24th!
  • There will be eight winning submissions, and all eight bloggers and their cases will be featured in Uncommon's IFBcon booth! (The cases will also be available for sale.)
  • If your post is chosen, the talented design team at Uncommon will gather your images and craft a case based on your inspirations. The design team will do their best to interpret your vision for case design. Due to time constraints, they cannot offer back-and-forth revisions.
  • You will receive your case as a gift from Uncommon, as well as a 2-day pass to IFBcon! (You can pick up your case at Uncommon's booth at IFBcon.)


*Disclaimer: No royalties will be awarded for chosen posts.

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  1. Linda

    This sounds so exciting! I love this idea, but for those of us who are not attending IFBCon, can we still participate?