7 Ways To Elevate Your Celebrity Style Posts

Sometimes it becomes very easy to lump “personal style” and “fashion” bloggers into one group. Though they often overlap, there's a huge contingency of bloggers who eschew the personal style and outfit photo aspect of fashion blogging in favor of runway topics, trend round-ups, shopping guides and celebrity style. There are also many bloggers who mix all of those elements together into a uniquely stylish blog cocktail.

Celebrity style content is especially addictive – it's glamorous, usually inspires chatter both on your post and on social media and not to mention it's very SEO friendly. With a plethora of huge blogs devoted only to celebrity style like Coco Perez, Pop Sugar, Go Fug Yourself and more – there's a great opportunity for independent bloggers to put their special spin on the best (and worst?) of celebrity style.

To make your star-studded posts stand our from the pack, apply your best blogging talents, a hefty dose of personality and your business-savvy know-how.

Here are 7 tips to make the most of your celebrity style content

1. Edit the images.

A word of caution before grabbing a red carpet or paparazzi shot and just plunking it right down on your blog. You don't have to. If you want to crop, re-size, adjust the balance or brightness of a photo to improve it and make it more palatable for your blog audience – go for it. (Just be sure to credit the image source and mention that you edited the photo.)

2. Create a collage.

There are many different approaches to making a compelling image collage. You can let one celebrity look define the theme, and build out from there using color, texture, art, and other photography inspirations to strengthen it, or make a collage that rounds up multiple looks from one person or one designer, for example. The possibilities really are endless. While using one bold photo sends a powerful visual signal, creating an original collage shows your creativity, your personality and can give more insight into your sources of inspiration. For a structured layout, I like PicMonkey.com‘s collage tool, but for more freedom, try anything from Powerpoint to Polyvore or Photoshop.

3. Make your post shopable with affiliate links.

Keep in mind that it's not just personal style bloggers who have the ability to benefit from affiliate networks. You don't have to be the person wearing the item to inspire your readers to purchase it. People turn to blogs to get a perspective on fashion that speaks to them. It could be yours or it could be Kim Kardashian's. Depending on how savvy your web-searching skills are, you may be able to find exact matches to your celebrity pieces on your affiliate retailer sites, or you can find close alternatives. “Get the look” features like you might see in People Style Watch or InStyle are a great monetization opportunity if you're interested in taking your blog in that direction.

For more info about affiliate networks and links, check out these links to past IFB posts: How To Monetize Your Fashion Blog With Affiliate Marketing, IFB's Fashion Traffic School.

4. Provide actionable commentary.

This can be as simple as inviting your readers to “get the look” or go much deeper. Encourage your readers to try a certain trend by using celebrity style moments as examples. Give vacation packing tips along with envy-inducing getaway photos of Beyonce on a yacht. You get the idea; you want to inspire your blog's audience with thoughful ideas and creative copy to go along with your images.

5. Use large images.

Get to know the perimeters of your blog posts and maximize your photo size accordingly. If you're using multiple photos, make a collage or make sure that if they stack up, they are the same width across the post. (Sometimes this isn't possible if the original image isn't very big, so check a few photo sites for alternate sizes.)

6. Channel your inner “Fug Girl.”

Fashion is fun and celebrity worship is kind of silly. We love what they wear, we covet their style – but at the end of the day they are just people, too. Don't be afraid to inject your posts with a bit of humor. You don't need to devote your blog to bashing bad looks, but honesty is always appreciated. (Another humorous celebrity satire blog that might inspire you is Suri's Burn Book.)

For a little more about humor in blogging, check out 6 Funny Girls Writing About Fashion (And 2 Guys) and How To Be Funny (Or At Least Loosen Up A Bit).

7. Go vintage.

These days vintage can feel as recent as the 1990's (depending on when you were born!). Images from bygone eras are inspiring, though-provoking and often mirror what's trendy and current today. Do side-by-side comparisons of vintage and current street style or red carpet looks to draw comparisons and evoke nostalgia.


Do you include celebrity style on your blog? How do you make your posts unique?


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18 Responses

  1. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    I like to add just one or two celebrity look to my Looks of the Week post which is otherwise filled with fashion insiders, street style stars, and fashion bloggers. I love the inspiration I get from see real people on the street, but sometimes a celebrity puts a hell of look together and deserves some snaps! 🙂

  2. What's Haute

    Great tips! I like to create ‘Get her haute look’ posts to feature celebrity style and how to get the same/or similar items.

  3. Marianne Krohn

    I’ve had integrating celebrity style into my blog at the back of my mind for a few days now. I’ve thought about styling star style on myself, but I’ve found it kind of hard to find pictures of celebs and styles I like. But you’ve given me some great alternatives here. Thank you!

  4. Sam Things

    I quite regularly do celebrity style posts. Not only do I simply love making those posts, they are some of the most read posts on my blog (ever) too. Especially when you write about the right celebrities at the right time, it might boost traffic to your blog. I never really thought about these posts as a monetization opportunity though, so that could be very interesting. Thank you!


  5. Jade

    I do a “Get Their Style” blog post about celebrities – I put an image of a celebrity outfit from the week and then through PowerPoint, make a collage style image with the items that can get you that look. I then post the links of each item in the blog post so people can shop for those items if they like them. But I like the idea of doing a whole collage of one celebrity’s look – I may have to do that in the near future as some celebrities just seem to constantly get it right! xx

  6. petite street

    My first post was a celebrity style post on Rachel Bilson. I illustrated a background image and also linked in where to shop the looks.

  7. Marianne

    It’s mind-blogging how the examples of sites listed on IFB are always the same over and over and over. How can you talk about celebrity style and not mention redcarpet-fashionawards.com or tomandlorenzo.com, two of the top blogs out there devoted to celebrity style?

    • taylordavies

      Hi Marianne! We didn’t forget about them, we just listed a few to keep it brief. Tom & Lorenzo is one of our favorites – they spoke on an IFBcon panel last season!

  8. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    I’m just about to start doing a handful of celebrity style posts (about those born in the same year as me) after a year of personal style blogging. So thank you for the tips, these will come in VERY useful!

    Catherine x

  9. Saimastyle

    Celebrity style reporting is my thing! I love it, so fun and who doesn’t love a good “worst-dressed” moment on the red carpet! Even with their “glam squads” they aren’t immune….seriously.

    Thanks for the tips ifb!

  10. Jenny

    Such a great article! I’m just starting up my blog and wanted to do some celeb style posts but I was just wondering where does everyone get their photos? I don’t want to run into any copyright troubles or things of that nature.