3 Tips for Enhancing Creativity in Your Blog’s Branding and Marketing

Meet Timothee Verrecchia. Working with Apple and Sony Pictures, editing the magazine L'Officiel Hommes, and being a partner with Le Baron and Café Gitane at the Jane Hotel in NYC are all in his job description. He's cultural entrepreneur — and a marketing and branding genius.

IFB spoke with Tim to get another perspective on how to improve your blogging business techniques — here are his tips when strategizing your creativity within your marketing and branding:

  • Put yourself in the consumer's shoes.

“Consumers educate themselves. They like to make educated choices about the brands that they wear, about the products that they buy… therefore, I think treating consumers as you treat yourself is a good first tip.”

  • Balance creativity with business. 

“Make sure you find a perfect balance between leading your decisions with creative thinking and business thinking. If one takes over, whether it be creativity or business models, I think you'll find yourself in unbalanced situations. I think the people we have been most inspired with… are just as talented in their creativity as they are in their business and marketing techniques. Blending your creativity to how the consumer behaviors work and evolve is really key to being successful.”

  • Search for, and work at, your creativity. 

“I think [most people] have a tendency to rely on the same things, and the same filters, and the same kind of cultural references, and the same kind of brands… and I think being curious and searching for creativity, wherever it may lie, is something that demands a lot of effort.”

[Photo: Adrian Gaut]

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