Wake Up Round Up: The Clarins Sisters Now Have A French Style Blog

“Indeed, when my co-founder Lauren Santo Domingo and I first began raising money for M’O, many investors asked: ‘So where does the discount come in?' When we said there was no discount, their response was often: ‘Why would a'woman shop full price from your store when she can shop at a discount on Gilt or Rue La La?' Nonetheless, we disregarded conventional wisdom and launched at full price. We knew a certain customer type was being neglected online, a woman who lives for fashion and wants access to the latest pieces, not just discounted items from last season. Conventional wisdom says online shoppers want immediate gratification. We don’t ship product for three to six months after purchase.” [BoF]

The Clarins sister pack are starting a blog. [The Cut]

This PSA is celeb packed and all about fashion. [Fashionista]

“French style blogger and illustrator Garance Doré turned up at the Kate Spade boutique in London’s Covent Garden Thursday evening to fete the launch of the capsule collection she’s created with the label. The lineup includes Fifties-style cocktail dresses, purses, sweaters and accessories, many of which are printed with Doré’s charming illustrations and quintessentially French sayings.” [WWD]

In true “Emperor's New Clothes” fashion, Prince Harry looks like he lost his clothing somewhere… Maybe he wasn't aware? [The Cut]

Check out Sarah Jessica Parker in her Glee outfit! [Fashionista]

“There are two ways to brand in China for Chinese fashion labels. One is to go abroad — as the Chinese say, the flower smells better beyond the walls; sort of our way of saying the grass is greener on the other side. Designers believe that international acceptance will bring them recognition in the domestic market…The other approach is what I call Mao’s Strategy. In his famous military essay titled “Guerilla War,” Mao outlined his plan for the Communist Revolution. It would begin away from the urban centers, says the doctrine, establishing itself in the countryside first and taking over the cities after that.” [WWD]

[Image credit Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com]

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