Wake Up Round Up: Trends Are Not What They Used To Be

“Men who fit into the size range offered by most brands have Mr. Porter, Valetmag.com and GQ to look to for style inspiration. But where can plus-sized fashion-focused gentlemen go? Chubstr.com, a Web site founded by Bruce Sturgell in 2011.” [NY Times]

Is street style losing its cutting edge appeal? [Metro]

WWD is going mobile. [WWD]

“Kevin Sintumuang has joined GQ has multimedia editor, succeeding Sean Fennessey, who landed at Grantland in April. Sintumuang, who most recently served as features editor for The Wall Street Journal’s “Off Duty” section, will oversee daily editorial for gq.com.” [WWD]

“‘Trends, they are not what they used to be,' said Garance Doré, the blogger and street-style photographer. Until some time in the 1970s, Ms. Doré pointed out, fashion tended to follow a single, clear direction, handed down to the faithful with the ringing authority of Moses on the mount.” Kate Lanphear agrees. [NY Times]

“Forbes released its annual list of ‘The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women' and of course there are a few fashion people on it. However, the highest ranked fashion industry lady was not the one you’d expect. Designer and CFDA President Diane Von Furstenberg came in just after Beyoncé at 33.” [Fashionista]

Scott Schuman on the blog Campus Sartorialist: “I commend their entrepreneurial spirit and think the idea is great, but they don't need my name to continue to be successful. If the site keeps growing it’s going to create a lot of confusion down the road. People might think The Sartorialist sponsors their site. They have to be prepared for success and using an already established, trademarked name will just make that more difficult.” [The Cut]

[Image Source: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images North America]

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3 Responses

  1. Deliver Me Diamonds

    Totally agree, there was an article in the NY Times to the same effect.

    I posted a DIY jeweled button tutorial today for commitment-phobes. Who wants to invest in a Louis Vuitton piece with enormous jeweled buttons if its going to be irrelevant next season?

    Here is a link to the DIY http://wp.me/p2jzG1-i4

  2. Miss Bad

    Metro’s article is spot on, I particulary agree with these two paragraphs:

    “But the genre may be losing its cachet. The number of bloggers, key proponents of street-style imagery, is growing at such a rate that quantity is seriously overtaking quality. And whereas Schuman and his ilk – talented photographers with well-schooled eyes for fashion – may deserve the attention, many do not.
    ‘Most street-style photographers cannot identify a look,’ says Paul Hartnett, who has documented alternative culture for the past 35 years. ‘They’re not familiar with fashion or social history. Invariably, they go for the sexy, young, pretty things. That is not fashion forecasting, that is not trending.’”

    Pretty vs fashionable is always gonna be an issue between fashion blogs in my opinion…