Bigger, Better, Bolder: What To Bring To IFB Con

Packing guide


This is the next post in a very exciting series we’re bringing to you on IFB in anticipation of the upcoming #IFBcon. Each day in the month of August, we’ll have a different post designed to help your blog become – you guessed it – bigger, better and bolder.

IFB Con is less than two weeks away! Can you believe it? While I'm sure you're cleaning up your blog, sprucing up your social media, and picking out your outfit to prepare, what you bring to the conference is important, too. We don't want you to forget anything!

Here's a quick list of things to remember to pack:

– Camera
– Tablet (if you have one)
Business cards
– Chargers (for your phone/tablet/camera!)
– Pen and a notepad (when all technology fails, you can always take notes — and frankly, sometimes it's just easier)
– Sunglasses (because, duh)
– Make up (for those touch ups so you stay camera ready)
– Comfortable shoes (especially if you're planning on dancing the night away at our after party)

Here's what not pack:

– Laptop (too heavy and bulky to lug around!)

See how else to prepare for our huge two-day event for bloggers by bloggers with our Bigger, Better, Bolder series!

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8 Responses

  1. jennifer at james dry goods

    i know there is no such thing as a dumb question, but i think i have two?

    1. will the venue have wireless?

    2. will there be a roster of attendees? i have been following anyone who is using #IFBCON hoping to get familiar with everyone’s work before we meet IRL.

    can’t wait!

  2. Becky

    Great post! I don’t have a tablet, so I think I’m going to bring my macbook (not too heavy). Thanks for posting this article for the newbies!