IFB Project #62: Tell Us Your Most Inspirational Story

After last week's very successful and inspiring IFB Project, we're feeling – well – inspired. On that note, we want to get  a little bit personal with this week's project.

Many of us have these defining moments, or times of clarity that we can harken back to, that have given us a special spark to either start something new or have a renewed interest in our passions. This story of inspiration doesn't necessarily have to pertain to fashion blogging. You might want to share the story of how you finally decided to start a blog, or when you met a truly amazing person who made you believe that anything was possible.

IFB Project #62: Share Your Most Inspirational Story

Create a blog post that shows and tells your most inspirational story, and share it in the widget below. When we do the round up of our favorite submissions on Wednesday, we will highlight quotes from them both on IFB as well as our social media channels.

Posts must be submitted by 12am on Wedneday, August 29th.


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6 Responses

  1. Maya B

    I really love this! Only took me a second to think of which story I was gonna use. Am writing my blogpost now. I am wondering though, you’ll ‘quote’ from your favorite stories. Does that mean you’ll link to the stories to or only use parts of them? Just wondering about that part 😀

  2. Michaella

    I love this project! At first I was like “hmmm…inspirational story….what have I ever done that was inspirational?!” so I just started writing and couldn’t stop! I love writing, but don’t usually write very long posts on my blog, so I enjoyed writing this. It almost felt like an essay for English class with the assignment ‘tell your most inspirational story’. I don’t know if mine was ‘inspirational’ but I really liked writing it so I kinda don’t care.
    xx Michaella http://fashionableunicorn.blogspot.com/

  3. Leanne

    I am not a blogger, not a photographer, not a writer and I don’t know all the rules, do or don’ts.. but I started, I will learn, make mistakes and try again. Love the challenge, love IFB!


  4. Kopiha

    I checked out few of the submissions. There are some really inspiring bloggers out there.