Why Fashion Bloggers Need Each Other

“Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software, we’ve got some fantastic competitors and it keeps us on our toes.” – Bill Gates

Bloggers are not unlike a small business or a start-up company, it's a career field that requires a leap of faith and belief in your own ideas. But what sets blogging apart is that, while yes, we are all small publications hoping to gain notoriety, it can be (and is most often times is) done one hundred percent alone — and leaping alone is scary.

Furthermore, in an industry that currently feels over saturated and marginalized, (where everyone and their mother is a blogger, but yet few are taken seriously), it can still feel isolating. Blogging is very much a singular practice, done behind a laptop screen  from home — and while you may be speaking to thousands of readers, the act of creating and maintaining a blog can sometimes feel uneasy and sequestered.

So, while you should be analyzing the blogosphere competition to better yourself, you should also be using one another  as friends, as confidants, as advisors, as photographers, as business partners, as social media acquaintances, as tech support, as digital designers, and most importantly, as a team. Other bloggers know the same feelings you may feel, after all.

Furthermore, in order for blogging to move forward as an industry (and not just as individual top-tier stars), the community needs to come together, whether you live in Maine, Nebraska, North Carolina, or New York, to maintain standards of practice and ethics, as other industries, such as journalism, do.

One industry that might be an interesting comparison to blogging is the beginnings of the film industry in the 1920s. Originally made up of a rag tag group of operators, actors, directors, etc. the separate groups came together in the budding industry to work together, eventually unionized, and discovered that the movie business is actually a lucrative, job-creating one. While I'm not saying bloggers should unionize (at this moment or in the future), I think the method of joining as a collective force as a sisterhood or brotherhood is an interesting way of looking at the fashion blogging industry.

Another reason why bloggers need each other has to do with, as the Bill Gates quote noted, the idea that better competition pushes you to better yourself. As others push the limits, you should constantly be trying to elaborate and improve upon those limits, and create your own identity within the field. Progress is progress, even if it's from someone else in your industry. We should be applauding the stand outs and using them as examples that yes, this can be a career.

And finally, bloggers strive for a sense of openness, as a democratic approach to being in fashion and being “real,” so constructive criticism should play a part in it all. Sending an email doesn't take much time, but opening analytical conversations about topics within the fashion blogging realm is crucial to moving up and on.

Remember, confidence is overrated. It's ok not to know what's going to happen next with fashion blogging. But sometimes having a community with you can make it just that much better.

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  1. Hollis

    I agree- the blogging community is competitive but that doesn’t mean it has to be completely independent. Helping each other through a link or even a tweet if anything makes it a cozier and more welcoming community. I think that no matter how many followers you have there is always room for improvement 🙂

  2. Caroline

    I think it’s important to remember that you are actually never alone. Yes you may not be physically sitting with your team but they are out there: ideas, events and general happenings are everywhere and you can take these inspirations with you wherever you go. The key is to not be afraid of publishing your ideas I think that’s the hard the part.

  3. StyleBoulevard

    We should start a movement: buddy blogging! The buddies would help each other, would promote both blogs in many different platforms, with many different friends, the buddies could translate posts (or correct bad translations), and above all the buddies would be cruelly honest with each others work.

  4. Kathleen Lisson

    A major part of my social media presence is sharing link to other bloggers’ posts with my followers. I like finding great style. I am really enjoying fashion blogs that give the reader a sense of place – what is in style in Boston, NYC, San Francisco, Paris – especially when the blogger has a ‘Sex and the City’ mindset and let’s their own hometown “be the fifth character.”

  5. Miloveda

    I love this post so much. Being a blogger sometimes I compare myself to other but then I’m remind that we really are a community. I think it’s important to uplift each other with a simple comment or a tweet I love to show blogger how much they not only inspire me but drive me to put that extra ten percent in to my post. I think we really need each other..

  6. Jade

    I feel that the blogging community in Australia is a very close knit one. I haven’t met any of them face to face but I feel like I know them and I love interacting with them on social media and feeling like they’re friends I can go to with a question about fashion or blogging and even thought we’re “competing” for readers/followers/etc, I know that they’ll help me out and that I’d do the same for them.

  7. Sapphire Kharyzma

    Before find groups like this one, I thought all of my sacrifices and struggles were — all lonely experiences! But as I progress and grow, so has my self esteem and creativity! I totally agree that we need to support each other!

  8. Molen

    I love this site cause i feel like we are a big family , of course not of all can be nice but most of the bloggers are nice and supporters. I really love american an european fashion bloggers cause in mexico exist a big rivality.

    🙂 nice article

  9. Cynthia

    I feel that here in Toronto, you have those socialite/top tier bloggers who are always photographed at events, those like me who get invited to events, but are seen by media as media (I actually don’t know too many who are like this – maybe just me!!) and then those who blog just for fun and don’t really get invites. I don’t think we really talk to each other very much, but we should. We shouldn’t feel that certain bloggers are “beneath” us nor should we feel nervous approaching more established bloggers to ask them for tips (one thing I *AM* nervous about is sending emails/letters of introduction to real, mainstream media announcing my latest spin-off blog).


  10. Richard

    The Blogging Community, especially the popular ones, are always seen hanging around each other(the Illuminati of menswear bloggers). Go to tumblr and if you a follower or a reader of menswear you will notice that all the famous menswear bloggers are entwine with each other. It is very competitive but i guess if successful “bluurgers” are doing it then it should be a good idea to work with a fellow blogger, and it does lower the struggle a bit.

  11. Toni Styles

    I love this article! It’s bittersweet in a way; I know that I have all these potential blogging buddies out there, but living in the Bahamas (very close to Florida) – there is no such thing as “professional fashion blogging” or really professional blogging at all. I know of 4 or 5 bloggers – only two strictly fashion. Yeah, it’s a bit daunting. A lot of us hang out cafe’s or Starbucks – I prefer to work around others as opposed to at home.

    I don’t think the next top bloggers are going to come from a close knit crowd or clique. There are many “solo” bloggers making interesting ripples that are going to turn into massive waves. You don’t always need to be super well known or try super hard – if you’re consistent and unique, the audience and success will come and help lift you to the top. We are independent after all – but I agree, blogging friendships can make the journey much more enjoyable.

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

  12. Kristian

    Recently, things in my personal life have been hectic to say the least, and while I did not go into detail about what and why this was so on my blog, I did mention there were some stressful changes. The caring comments and offers of support were very, very much appreciated and the level that they were at was, I’ll admit, even a little surprising. What a great community of people!

  13. Steph

    I feel blessed to live within a large blogger community in Souther California because I know that it was the biggest factor in helping me move forward. I made wonderful friends through blogging. We all help each other and inspire each other and make sure we are growing. It’s important to reach out and put yourself out there because being in a team is usually better than being on your own.


  14. My Style Vita

    Completely agree! I feel like I finally can talk to someone about this stuff without sounding crazy, they understand what hits are, tags and all this social media obsession. I was so fortunate to meet Poor Little It Girl and develop a friendship in addition to getting some help where I need it. We also like to invite each other to invites and be one anothers dates. It’s great having someone to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of.

    xoxo Jessica

  15. Ruins Barry

    TOTALLY AGREE!!! I’m a newbie and I will take any advice, criticism, ideas & opinions that one gives. i believe for all of us to be better, we need each other. Granted, you will come across someone who will try to bring you down but I would like to think that most of us will try to lift each other up and help us bring out our very best. And because there are so many people blogging, it would be better if we stick together and help each other and our chosen field come out ahead. Where when looks at our pages and know that we are legit and professional from the every day run of a mill type of blog. I hope we all can depend on each other to bring out the best of each other.

  16. Thomas

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Recently, I spoke at a conference on a fashion panel. It’s so important to know that there’s an incredible amount of support amongst the blogging community, and I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing that!

  17. Deb

    I totally agree with this. I published my first blog post today and after another blogger liked my post I got motivation to write more. I think we should all support each other.

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  19. Style

    completely agree. But the problem is, for most part of it the bloggers stay in touch more for pimping each other’s blog – You follow me, and I’ll follow you rather than learning from each other or constructive criticism.

    Wish there were more genuine fellow blogger visitors who’d not just visit for the sake of ramping up comments and followers but actually take time to read the blogs and add value to it.


    Soo true…. The bloggers are actually the real interested readers of each other’s blogs, cause they share similar interests, including a few non bloggers, but not the giveaway participants who are the ones that actually show up in our followers lists but are rarely interested in our posts.
    While we definitely read each other’s blogs, get inspired from the designs & photography.
    Why not support each other & learn from each other & grow together.