5 Tips To Boost Your Blog Business: What You Can Learn From Nasty Gal’s Success

Recently, Nasty Gal has been making headlines as the “the fastest-growing company in Los Angeles and the fastest-growing retail company period” — even though the founder, 28 year-old Sophia Amoruso, never set foot in a business school.

But with thousands of e-commerce sites surfacing on the ‘net, what is it about Nasty Gal that has sky rocketed its numbers? We've broken down what makes Nasty Gal stand out as a company, and applied their tactics to you.

Here are some tangible tips you can take away from Nasty Gal's success:


1. Do it yourself, and measure the competition.

In a article in the Los Angeles Times, Nasty Gal's roots were revealed:

“…after jumping from job to job — including working at two photo labs, a record store and as a shoe saleswoman — [Amoruso] began selling vintage clothing on EBay in 2006. An amateur photographer, Amoruso shot images of the items she was selling and occasionally modeled some of the clothes herself. To gauge what was popular, she would check out other sellers' completed auctions to see what had sold and for how much.”

Sounds similar to personal style blogs today, coupled with a strong business sense, eh? Amoruso was smart enough to pay attention to what her competitors were up to, giving her a leg up on her much bigger competition.

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2. Be your own PR.

At first, Amoruso was using Myspace to promote her items, but she was savvy enough to move with the changing tide in technology. Today, the company is driven from it's presence of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twiter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. In a nutshell, social media can be a blogger's best friend, so utilize it to your advantage.

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3. Be who you want to be. 

In an article published on Forbes, it quoted Amoruso saying, “It’s the beauty of the Web…You can pretend to be anything you want. But people figure out pretty quick if you don’t live up to it.” The Internet is your oyster, go ahead and make it work for you! But on the flip side, live up to what you promise to people and be authentic.

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4. Pitch yourself out.

Nasty Gal credits press coverage on blogs (like whowhatwear.com) and the news as another reason for her success. You want to be buzz-worthy and sought after, therefore pitching yourself, along with a topic you are knowledgable on, can have amazing benefits, like features, plugs, and all around attention driven to your blog.

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5. Stay in tune with your readership.

In the Forbes article, the author talks about how Nasty Gal pays close attention to their consumer: “To keep in touch with the fans, she encourages her staff to post about weekend getaway trips and makeup tips. (When one online fan suggested a model had ‘plastic-surgery lips,' creative director Joanna Ewing replied, ‘No, we touched them. They’re real.')” Stay in tune with your audience — remember, it is they who dictate your success.

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Amoruso is an inspirational example of how hard work and dedication, mixed in with a few good ideas, can lead to major success.

What do you think about Nasty Gal's business success?

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17 Responses

  1. Linda

    Nasty Gal’s success really boils down to knowing what that their customer wants and picking the right products to sell them. They don’t set out to appeal to everyone, but for girls with a certain sense of style, Nasty Gal is perfect.

    As bloggers, we need to know what it is that our readers like and be sure that we are THE source for that type of reader. If you try too hard to appeal to everyone, you will lose that connection.

  2. moiminnie

    Lovely article and a great way to remind us that nothing happens overnight. They started out real small on ebay in 2006, it was a lot of hard work and time consuming journey. Love Nasty Gal and would like to achieve that type of success someday!


  3. Meredith Wadsworth

    It is amazing to think that there are so many businesses out there today that start from something as small as an Ebay account. It really gives me hope for myself in the fashion industry, as I do all the same things: sell, blog, etc. Nasty Gal is evidence of hard work, determine, and natural smarts. Just goes to show that a degree will only get you so far, while a passion will take you for miles and miles.

  4. Kimberly

    IA with Linda. When I first saw Nasty Gal the first thing I thought was “oh, this must be where all those fashion bloggers shop…”. Being online works for them because there’s such a strong presence of hipsters and others who wear that style of clothing online.

  5. Stephy Callahan

    I love the way Nasty Gal has been sticking to what they do best since the beginning, standing firm on a the ultimate laid back, cool, LA, West coast look. They stand true to what they know and disturbed the market. Love it!

  6. afrofashion

    Great story… I’ve noted that it took a couple of years to get to this point which is also something to wonder about. I think sometimes, we are in a rush to get those numbers when the key is really in being patient, consistent and relevant in our efforts. Cheers,


  7. Metajojuana Nyt

    Nasty gal is the big thing now! I love how their clothing collection is applicable to the masses. I just think they need to work on the international shipping!
    BIG hair LOUD mouth