IFB Project #62 Round Up: Tell Us Your Most Inspiring Story

After reading these blog posts, I can't quite decide if I feel like I've got wings, or if I've just been hit by a truck. I was overwhelmed and amazed at the stories shared by members of our community. I won't say too much about them, because the quotes and the ladies who shared them really speak for themselves. I encourage you to not only read the below exerts but also the full posts that are all linked below. Enjoy, and be inspired!

7 inspiring quotes from this week's project


Undiscovered Worth:

“I come back to the realization that's society's expectation of me is not who I am at all. I'm not one to easily conform. I'm not popular and I don't have hundreds of people following me on Twitter or Facebook. I love daydreaming and often times find it to be a curse that I am such a people pleaser. I love the idea of moving to a big city, but in reality I have a hard time communicating around large crowds. In the end, as cool and interesting as many of us wish our lives were, we can never go wrong with just slowing down, sitting back, and being perfectly content with the way we are”

Becky Bedbug:

“Despite the stigma, I am ridiculously proud of my council estate roots. It has made me tough and resilient, especially during my emo years, when just stepping out of the house was a guarantee of verbal abuse from the local kids. It's made me determined to make something of myself and prove all those people wrong- the ones who think that children from council estates will never amount to anything. Most of all, it's made me completely grounded. I always remember where I came from and I appreciate everything that I get, every opportunity that has been presented to me.”

Natasha Fatah:

“When I was in my undergraduate years at university, I was very politically active, and very militant in a way about my beliefs. And I had made a conscious decision to have short hair. Long hair was for nice girls. Or boring girls. And then I moved to Mexico, and my world view changed, and softened, and I just let my hair grow long. And it stayed long-ish for a long-ish time. But lately, I've wanted a dramatic change in my life. A big push forward in my career. More meaning in the work that I do. And it was time to make a drastic change. Not a little change, not a safe change, but a big change – at least in my hairstyle, to reflect the change I want in other parts of my life. So that's why I did it. And maybe the universe will notice me nudging it for change.”

Fashionable Unicorn:

“I think it's important to take breaks. It's okay to quit for a few days or weeks and forget about your blog because if you really love it, you'll come back to it. If you take a break and realize that your life is so much better without a blog, then maybe you weren't meant to be a blogger. I'm kind of obsessed with quotes and I love this one from Lea Michele- “Never give up on the things that make you smile.” One moment that I really felt like “Wow, I really love this.” was when I took the pictures for a post I did last week, named ‘Horsing Around‘. I loved taking those pictures and it was just so fun. If you're a personal style blogger, then you probably know the feeling. You're wearing the perfect outfit and you're in the perfect place and the camera captured the perfect moment and the whole thing is just perfect. The moral of the story is if you really love what you do, there will be times you'll hate doing it. Honestly, there are times when I flat out hate blogging and that's why I've quit so many times. But I keep doing it because when I don't hate it, I love it. When I do a post that I really like, it makes me feel amazing.”

Happy. Pretty. Sweet.:

“While I find Route 66 a let down, the scenery of the west captures my imagination.  It really does not matter what road takes me home, and when I let go of my expectations I begin to enjoy the ride. […] Now, when I hear my friends planning a trip on Route 66, I smile.  They are expecting cute gift shops, greasy diner food, and wigwam motels, and maybe they will find them.  However, I have learned the beauty of traveling is just letting go of it all.”


“Being diagnosed with RSD almost 10 years ago was completely life-altering. The initial years prior to going into remission were traumatizing, but I fought through it. You can't give up or give in. I truly believe that I am a happier and healthier person now than before I got this disease. Obstacles are opportunities in disguise…my path led me to my loving husband; I met and bonded with my MavenFresh girl, Sesheta; and ultimately I've come to realize my desire to learn more about nutrition and empower others to prevent and heal illness with a healthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to look good and feel happy…it all starts with being good to yourself on the inside. “

Tall Swag:

“I grew out of my awkward stage, found my voice, embraced my uniqueness and built a house of confidence on the foundation my parents had been tirelessly fostering for years.  I picked up all of the pieces and built an amazing me.  I can’t really tell you how it happened, I just know that I am now a strong, tall, beautiful woman that uses every word, good or bad, to empower my path. No matter how it happened for me, please know that it will happen for you too.  The broken road you are traveling on leads right to the YOU that you want to be.  Every crack, bump and pothole will be paved over with extraordinary confidence.  Take knowledge from every word of the weak and use it to walk taller.”


Thank you all so much for sharing your deeply personal and truly amazing stories. You're brave women and an inspiration to our community! (Read all the submissions here.)

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  1. Rebecca

    So grateful to be a part of the round-up…it’s all about spreading the word about healthy living to inspire hope and change!