Wake Up Round Up: Who Is Replacing Sally Singer?

Executives at the New York Times are already talking to a few possible successors to Sally Singer. [WWD]

“African fashion is booming, and so is its web presence. Ever-expanding numbers of websites, blogs, e-tailers, Tumblrs and online magazines dedicated to African-influenced style represent a field of fashion that is as fast evolving as the social and online media that shows it love.” [Guardian]

Ask Google how to be a better intern. [The Cut]

Scott Schuman on women who don't want to be photographed: “Older European women are very difficult. Older women, in general, say no all the time. They’re just very vain. And girls who are pretty, who’ve always been pretty. Not models—like the prom queen. They’re like, ‘Oh my god my beauty is such a curse! Nooo!' They’re not really into fashion, because they’ve always been pretty. It doesn’t happen very often, because they rarely dress well.” [Fashionista]

Tim Gunn feels guilty critiquing celebrity fashion — except where it comes to Kim Kadashian. [Page 6]

[Image credit: Street style from One Nigerian Boy Photograph: Terence Sambo/onenigerianboy.com]


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  1. TerranceJ

    Woah, I love this bit on emerging African trends. It’s good to see that its gradually gaining pace. When I read the title I immediately thought of Terence Sambo and AfriPop mag.