We Asked 6 New Yorkers What They Thought About Fashion Blogging

New Yorkers tend to be a fairly opinionated crowd. And while we are constantly giving you insight from IFB's perspective and industry leaders' perspectives, we thought it was time to try a different approach. What do randomly selected people on the streets of NYC think about fashion blogging? You might be surprised.

See what these six New Yorkers had to say about fashion blogging:

Names: Sophia, age 14 and Bella, age 14

Do you guys read fashion blogs? “No.”

Do you think fashion blogging is cool? “I guess.” “I mean, if you're into it.”

What is your opinion about fashion blogs then? “I think it's a cool way to express your opinion, but since I don't read them I don't really know.”

Can you pose like a fashion blogger while I take your photo? “How do I do that?”

Name: Gregory Allen, age 51

Occupation: “I work in a live food store and I do merchandising and display.”

Do you know what a fashion blogger is? “Sure.”

Do you read fashion blogs? “Not as much as interior blogs, no.”

So you like interior design blogs? “Yep.”

What ones? “Actually the gamut because blogs are constantly changing. So I kind of just do a once a day review of everybody.”

Do follow bloggers on social media? “No, not so much.”

What do you think about bloggers? “I think it's kind of cool, I think it equals the territory in a certain sense. Everybody gets to have a part.”

Can I photograph you while you pose like a fashion blogger? “Ok. Wait, how do I do that?”

Hold you iced coffee up. “Ok.”

Name: “I don't reveal my name.”

Age: “90-years-old!”

Occupation: “I worked in a fashion showroom for years. Then I got married. And that was the end of the work.”

Do you know what a fashion blogger is? “I worked in fashion.”

May I take your photo while you pose like a fashion blogger? “I don't usually let people take my photo, but since you are a nice girl I will. I like your sunglasses.”

I like yours, too. “They're 17-years-old!”

Name: Jason Hsu, age 36

Occupation: “I own this store.” (Points to Chrome on Mulberry street.)

Do you know what a fashion blogger is? “Yeah.”

Do you read fashion blogs? “No.”

What do you think about fashion blogs? “I don't really think about them.”

Can I take a photo of you while you pose like a fashion blogger? “Yeah, is this how you do it?”

Name: Georgia Gray, age 24

Occupation: “I'm a fashion designer and artist.”

Do you follow any fashion blogs? “I do, yeah. I mean my work is in fashion, so yeah.”

Which ones? “I read Style Bubble and Refinery 29… if that counts as a blog.”

What do you think about fashion blogs? “I think they are cool but I don't think about them that much.”

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15 Responses

  1. Toni Styles

    Interesting – not what I expected. Just goes to show that Fashion Blogging is still very much an emerging industry – we should all feel very honoured to be a part of what will one day be very big, regarded and lucrative.

    Also – that 90 year young gal seems like a lot of fun and she looks amazing!

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

  2. Maria

    I love that sweet, peppery old lady! It’s amazing how in your mind you think that everybody knows about fashion, fashion blogging, etc, but in reality, they don’t. At all. I agree with Toni; not what I expected.

  3. jennifer at james dry goods

    Can we track down that wonderful 90 year old woman and invite her to the IFBCON after-party? I would love to meet her and hear her stories! She seems fabulous!

  4. Aminta

    I agree with Toni, fashion blogging is still an emerging industry, and one that is not really seem as a legitimate business by people who don’t know about it. Most of my friends and family think I’m a model because I do personal style posts. Some friends just say I work “in fashion.” I’ve started telling people I have a fashion SITE instead of a fashion BLOG and they seem to take that better. Don’t you get tired of explaining what you do?

    • Cynthia

      The “site” thing works. It works even better if you say that your blog/site/e-publication focuses on lifestyle though you might get some backlash from certain FASHION BLOGGERS.

  5. Katarina

    This post made my day 🙂

    I had an older lady like this as my neighbor when I lived in Queens, she checked me out head to toe when I was going to work and she was coming back from store or God knows where at 7 in the morning 🙂

    She loved hats, perfumes and purses and was absolutely politically incorrect most of the times. I loved hearing her stories about men, fashion, dieting and what a lady should be like. She gave me some jewelry and two purses when I was moving back to Europe.

    La Kat

  6. The District of Couture

    This was a great read…interesting that many “ordinary” people live their lives without worrying about fashion blogs…Fashion, or the lack of it, consumes a good 80 percent of my day.


  7. Lizzie Clayton

    Wow, shocker !

    I expected the reverse effect. I guess you really have to be a fashion “junkie” to be into the fashion blogging industry. However, blogging in general, I feel, is still relatively emerging. Just a few minutes ago, I thought I just had a cool hobby. Now, I almost feel like an innovator!

  8. Julia Sunderland

    I’m not surprised. Most of those people wouldn’t read fashion magazines, so why would they go looking for the personal opinions of a minority of people in a field that doesn’t really interest them? You’d have to be interested in fashion, and you would have to have heard of fashion blogs to even have looked at a couple. Why would you bother otherwise?

    What would be interesting is if you asked the readers of popular fashion magazines or young people who like to shop in trendy places and who clearly love fashion what they think. That would be surprising.

    I don’t think it’s an emerging industry that people haven’t heard of yet as much as a niche area you either have to be interested in or not. It’s a saturated area within the community, you really have to bring something different to the plate to stand out.

    I imagine most of you don’t read gardening blogs, know the top gardening bloggers, or even know people BLOGGED about gardening. It’s just not one of your areas, so why would you know all about it?

    Julia x