Fun With Facebook: Take A Cue From George Takei & Steve Martin

Around the IFB office, our favorite Facebook pages actually have nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with two middle-age actors who have embraced Facebook in their own, unique (and hilarious) ways.

First thing's first: If you're not already, go directly now to your Facebook account and “like” Steve Martin, and then “like” George Takei.

Done? Okay good. Are you smiling yet? Laughing? LOL-ing, perhaps?

These two Hollywood legends have managed to do something not a lot of celebrities on social media have: They're creating unique, personalized and very silly content with a tendancy to go viral. Using anecdotes, updates, photos and memes, these two make your “like” worthwhile.

How Steve shares:

He frequently uploads personal photos, both new and vintage, (like this one, with three of my other favorite comedians and actors of all time.)

He's not afraid to make fun of himself (his self-awareness is key).

He also posts some of his favorite tweets and replies from his @stevemartintogo account – crossing platforms!

How George shares:

George loves a good Internet meme, and humor is usually the name of the game.

He takes submissions from his fans and followers and shares them on his page.

His posts are more about sharing things he and his followers have found, and a little less about his personal ventures.

He usually posts a few times a day.

At the moment, George Takei has roughly 2.5 million fans, and almost 3 million “talking about” him. That means his posts are extremely viral. Mr. Martin has over 200 thousand likes, with around 53 thousand people “talking about” his content.

So what's the take-away from these two? Have fun with social media! Be silly, share things you like, and invite your followers to submit posts as well. If comedy isn't really your forte, share all kinds of posts and photos from whatever interests you. Maybe it's travel, maybe it's cooking – be creative! While you may not skyrocket to over 2 million follows, you'll establish a fun, authentic voice through Facebook.

[Image credits: George Takei's Facebook and Steve Martin's Facebook.]

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2 Responses

  1. TerranceJ

    Very insightful indeed. Rummaging around between different platforms (WHILE trying to refresh content on each one) can be a chore, but this gives appeal to the ho-hum routine of simply posting outfits. Many times, people forget that this industry has room for fun – its all about being you 😀

  2. Emily

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    In summary, it would really mean the world and a half to me for you guys to read this and follow me on Twitter []. This is my dream and I don’t know of a more accepting and loving group of individuals as you guys. If you could please reblog this post and send it around it your friends it would be so kind of you.

    Anyways, thanks for sticking around to the end of this post (I know it’s long!). I really hope that together we can get me to 200 followers! Thank you guys SO much, in advance. I love you all. 🙂

    XX, Emily